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Property for sale in La Zenia, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Questions and answers regarding Living in La Zenia and buying property here:

La Zenia is: (Perhaps)

• One of the most beautiful regions in Spain.

• The easiest to get to from European cities.

• The area with the best climate, year-round in Spain.

• The centre of golfers' paradise in Spain.

• The dream holiday location for families, singles and everyone who loves sunshine and fun.

• The area which offers more bang for your buck compared with and other region when it comes to buying Spanish property.

• The area most filled with things to do- The La Zenia Boulevard, The Mediterranean beach, The Casino, bars restaurants and an abundance of Spanish sunshine!

Want to know more about La Zenia??

Here are some questions we are often asked about the stunning Mediterranean Spanish town.

Where exactly is La Zenia located (within Spain)?

The town known as La Zenia is located 45 minutes south of Alicante airport and 20 minutes to the north of San Javier, Murcia airport.

Madrid is 4.5 hours' drive and Barcelona is a little longer, around 5 hours. Valencia city is 2.5 hours drive and Alicante, Murcia and Cartagena cities are all less than 50 minutes' drive away.

What defines La Zenia or makes it special?

Wow! No pressure. La Zenia was one of the first places to really benefit from the Spanish property boom back in 1997. Property sales here went through the roof and as the region grew so did the infrastructure - hotels, casinos, golf courses and restaurants aided the natural beauty of the region. We see 325 days of sunshine here, a holiday dream!

Do many expats live in La Zenia?

In a word … Yes! In fact, the unofficial population of the Orihuela Costa (of which La Zenia is a part) says that there are many more foreign residents here than there are Spaniards!! The Germans were the first people to make a big impact, followed by the Irish (due largely to the Irish bar, Paddy's Point in La Zenia being so popular) The British love it here, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Belgians and French all followed.

What draws expats to La Zenia?

• The sunshine (loads of it).

• Irish and British bars and restaurants.

• The Beach.

• The price of Spanish property.

• Accessibility to cheap flights all year around.

• Activities like tennis, yoga, swimming, walking groups etc make it such a community.

• The golf courses- Villamartin; Golf resort of the year 2017 Las Colinas; Las Ramblas golf course; Roda Golf and the World famous La Manga, all are a short drive away.

The Climate on the Costa Blanca- Is it really that good?

La Zenia in particular and generally the Orihuela Costa enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. People love the cool sea breezes in summer and the protection given to us by the surrounding mountains in winter- a shield against the cold North wind. The La Zenia region averages almost 3,000 hours of sunshine each year- that´s a lot. The average temperature easily exceeds 20 degrees every single year.

Way back in 1986 the World Health Organisation recommended the climate on the Costa Blanca as one of the most favourable in the world. The weather here is neither too hot in the summer nor is it too cold in the winter. Typically, we see 325 sunny days each year, that's more than they have in sunny Florida!

Getting here.

Irish discount airline, Ryanair have a hub in Alicante meaning that they fly to most European cities, year-round, usually at a very good price! A flight from London takes just over two hours and from Glasgow almost three.

Many people, at least once in their lives, take the ferry to Santander from Britain and then an 8 hour drive from there will get you to La Zenia.

Easy jet, Jet2, Aer-Lingus and a host of other airlines now flight to both Alicante and Murcia airport.

Corvera airport, will it ever open?

Shrouded in controversy, planning issues and tales of inefficiencies, it appears the much talked about Corvera airport, close to Murcia will open for business in 2019. Ryanair have said they will set up a base there- it remains to be seen when a place touches down here however. The locals do not want to see the closure of Murcia, San Javier airport and they are not taking the introduction of a new airport lying down- either way its good news for the consumer. The more competition there is on these routes the better for us. La Zenia befits more than any other area as it is so well located between both international airports.

I don't speak Spanish- is this a problem if I move to La Zenia?

No. most people here speak English- shops, bars, restaurants, banks, estate agents, the town hall and pretty much everyone uses English daily.

There are German, Belgian, Dutch and even some Spanish bars too where you can hear other languages practiced.

If learning Spanish is a thing, you can easily find people who will exchange with you- A language exchange… It works like this. You meet for a coffee or a beer, the Spanish person practices their English with you, you practice your Spanish vocabulary with them- its fun and it works!! The local schools teach in Spanish but all of the employees speak perfect English as well as other languages too…..

Registration in the Orihuela Costa town hall, permits & other documentation

We've discussed this previously on the blog, but if you are buying a property here in La Zenia, you need to make sure you do everything correctly. We can help of course as can any one of the many trusted legal practices in the area.

If you are feeling brave and have the time, the Orihuela Costa town hall is just a couple of minutes away on foot in Playa Flamenca so you can register yourself there. The notary, Marguerita is on Calle Malaquita, La Zenia, the banks as previously mentioned are all English speaking too. So, it can be done but we highly recommend you have a qualified professional hold your hand right through this process- there are other ways we can save you time and money, this is not an area to take short cuts!

Banking in La Zenia- is it simple?

We are not going to lie to you now or ever. It is not easy to bank in Spain- the lines of people, the red tape, the complicated process. We've been through it literally thousands of times so we have it down to a fine art by now.

The banks we regularly use are Bankia (previously Caja Murcia), Sabadell and Deutche bank- all with branches in La Zenia. If you'd like us to set you up with an appointment to meet the bank to open accounts, get online access etc- just ask.

Healthcare/Medical Treatment in La Zenia, whats it like?

As a European citizen, you are entitled to free health care in Spain. We are blessed with the services in the area- Torrevieja hospital constantly earns awards as the top hospital in Spain. It's a public hospital and is located 5 km from two private hospitals, Quiron and I-Med. They accept all major insurance policies.

Also, if you are needing a bit of nip/tuck, the cosmetic departments in the hospitals offer real value, often 50% less for procedures.

We are also well serviced with dentist practices- Apple teeth, La Zenia dental, Happy teeth and others are good value, easy to get an appointment and they are all English speaking.

A short walk away is the medical centre in Cabo Roig- again its open to the public and offers a 24 hour emergency service. They deal with simple things like check-ups for kids, colds and flus etc.

Is there any employment in La Zenia?

If you want to work, there is a ton of opportunity here in La Zenia.

(if you are coming here to retire, that is fine too- Do not feel guilty, enjoy it and skip this section!)

Here on the Costa Blanca we have a very simple way to earn a decent wage- provide a service. Most people here either work in bars and restaurants or in the property sector.

The cost of living is low, so you can live comfortable earning half of a salary you´d get in London or Oslo. There is the added benefit of no smoke, pollution, traffic or rat race too!

The demographic here is a relatively wealthy, (they can afford to live in Spain), usually slightly older population who will pay you to provide them with the services they need and expect back home.

We at SpanishHomes.online are helping people to become estate agents in Spain. This business is simple, but not easy. For us, it works like this: If you find a company like ours who provide exceptional value to their clients, you should be proud to recommend them to your contacts. If you do that, you get rewarded by the Spanish developers, builders and agents- it is a simple process where everyone wins. Once you believe like thousands of other that you can indeed trust us- get in touch and we´ll help any way we can.

A few questions about accommodation and property for sale in La Zenia.

Our passion, Spanish property!

Do most expats in La Zenia live in close proximity to each other?

La Zenia is not huge so it's possible to comfortably walk from one end to the other without the need for a car.

People here all live close to each other and close to one of the two main centres for expats- the commercial area in La Zenia contains Irish bars, English bars, Thai cuisine, Chinese food, steak houses and so much more. Generally, it's the meeting point for most expats, and everyone seems to find their own particular niche. Is bingo your thing? Learning Spanish? Yoga? Perhaps the Liverpool games on TV or the horse racing get you going? Whatever it is, you'll find a group and a destination here to keep you amused and all the property we sell in La Zenia is close by.

What are typical rental/purchase prices of houses and apartments in La Zenia?

How long is a piece of string? You can rent a house in La Zenia for the summer months for 10,000 / week or you can buy an apartment here for under 100,000 euro. It all depends on what you are looking at.

Front line property (ie houses facing the sea) is sold for anything up to 2 million euro.

We sell apartments in La Zenia (Molina Blanco) for under 100,000 euro- great value, walking distance to the sea, communal pool, 70m2 two-bedroom apartments right in the heart of the action.

If you wish to buy a new build property here in La Zenia, we think you might like this property- https://www.kyero.com/en/property/5125734-apartment-for-sale-la-zenia

Officially the asking price is 255,000 euro- You'll pay 10,000 euro less if you purchase through us! (usual simple terms and conditions apply!)

Maybe this apartment located in La Zenia with a 10,000 reduction appeals to you??


Get in touch and we'll save you thousands!

What is the typical lease term for long term rent in La Zenia? Normally estate agents in La Zenia will rent to you for 11 months- there are a couple of reasons why this is the typical time frame, mostly to protect the landlord, but don't worry, its normal. You will expect to pay 400 euro for a two-bedroom apartment and up to 1,000 pm for a detached property for rent on the Costa Blanca.

How can you go about finding a house in La Zenia? You´ve come to the right place!! SpanishHomes.online can help you find investment property, a second home, a permanent Spanish home and everything in between. Not only that, we promise to save you thousands! Our USP is that we concentrate on selling Spanish property to expats, and the cost savings we enjoy- we pass on to you! Win/Win.

Education & Schools on the Costa Blanca

Where are local schools located around La Zenia?

The Planetarium, http://eiplanetarium.com/ and

123 school http://www.school123.es/home.html plus other preschool nurseries are within walking distance to La Zenia. Children with absolutely no Spanish language skills go here from the age of 2 and emerge two years later speaking Spanish!

Los Dolses and Playa Flamenca provide us with education right up to the end of second level stage. After that, the nearest universities are in Murcia and Alicante cities.

There are international schools too- El Limonar is found in Villamartin, just up the road and there are Scandinavian, British and French speaking schools in the area too.

Shopping in La Zenia

What is the La Zenia Boulevard like? A major development in La Zenia, the Boulevard, provides the most perfect of all retail therapy- Adidas, Pull and Bear, Primark, Nike, Decathlon, Zara….. and hundreds more. This is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe and a joy for all the family.


Activities for children, adults and families mean that its not just retail that attracts people here by the thousands. Much of the entertainment is completely free and as you'd expect with such a low cost of living on the costa Blanca, eating and drinking is great value too.

Apart from the La Zenia Boulevard, we also have Lidl, Consum and Mercadona supermarkets on the doorstep. They all have their specialities, Mercadona for example being famous for healthy, gluten free options. (the owner of the chain of supermarkets has a daughter who is coeliac and therefore he decided this was a niche he wanted to concentrate on!)


If you miss your Irish / British butcher- don't worry, we have one in Los Dolses for you to enjoy.

Groceries here are generally cheaper than in the rest of Europe and the quality of fruit and vegetables is beyond words!

The Mediterranean diet is healthy and the fact most of the veg is produced in Murcia, means its safe, fresh and often totally organically grown and harvested.

There is no street market in La Zenia but Playa Flamenca and Cabo Roig both provide weekly markets selling local produce and provide a very enjoyable social morning.

Leisure, Entertainment & Sports in La Zenia

What is there to do in La Zenia?

Wow, where to start… Due to the perfect weather, outdoor sports are big here.

Social tennis mornings, golf societies and sports clubs are a great way to meet people in Spain. The bowls club is like a speed dating club and many people make friends for life on the organised walks along the coastline.

The nighlife is exciting- The casino is popular with holiday makers, the Irish bars and almost always full during the summer and the beach bars are… Perfect. There is nothing like a cold beverage on the beach, the sounds of summer filling the air, soft sand between the toes…..

Is it time you booked an inspection trip to come and take a look at La Zenia?

We will help you in any way we can- please try us!!


Apartment in La Zenia

Costa Blanca South

Beds: 2Bath: 1Size: 65 m²



Beds: 2Bath: 1Size: 65 m²


Beds: 3Baths: 2Size: 110 m²



Beds: 3Baths: 2Size: 110 m²



Beds: 2Baths: 2Size: 70 m²



Beds: 2Baths: 2Size: 70 m²