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Buying property in Cabo Roig, Costa Blanca Spain.

What you need to know about Cabo Roig?

A drive down the main road from Alicante to Cartagena along the n332 will see you dissect Cabo roig on your way south.Cover all these days is famous for its nightlife entertainment and family fun. The recently redesigned Cowboys Marina which has benefited from a 2 million euro facelift is super popular with locals and foreigners. It is the Cabaret Strip however that strip of bars you see from the main road approximately one kilometer long which is the main attraction for the beautiful Cabo Roig.

Irish bars Spanish tapas bars Indian Chinese French cuisine Italians in fact just about any type of eatery you can think of you find here. They've got the balance perfect. It's not cheap not in a Benidorm type way. Equally it's not ridiculously priced like you would find in some of the main cities.The beach is a major part of the attraction to Cabo Roig. In fact we have three main beaches all of which belong to the Cabo Roig region.

You find beach bars here, volleyball on the sand, SUPB or as we say 'stand up paddle boarding', kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, blue flag beaches, clean water and a whole lot of fun.the range of fun activities and things to do mean it as an almost perfect area for Holiday makers residents and secondI home owners. there are many Spanish people who come to visit for July and August mainly we have a lot of Irish British Scandinavian German and recently some wealthy Russians have been buying up to sea front properties.

Where and what?

Cabo Roig is close to la Zenia, Campoamor, Villamartin and just 5 km south from the Spanish fishing town of torrevieja.

It's an area very much of two halves. on one side of the entry three to we have literally tens of thousands of properties built for expats mainly during the Spanish property boom years. on the other side of the n332, the beach side, we find older Spanish style properties, which some of our expat friends simply don't like and others instantly fall in love with.

A famous feature in Cabo Roig.

Torre de Cabo Roig, lies on a hill overlooking the marina in Cabo Roig. From here when can see from miles out into the Mediterranean Sea I'm La manga provides a beautiful backdrop in the distance.

The tower is a well-known, popular restaurant in the region however the towers' history goes back a few hundred years more than that. We can trace the towers history way back to Arab times however that is a little bit of a mystery. Records a thousand years ago, were not quite as good as they are today. What we do know is that ever since the Turks settled in Algiers in 1516 this part of the Spanish Mediterranean Coast was easy pickings for the Barbary Pirates who landed here. Such was their regular Ser which they attacked the coast the Roman Emperor Charles V built a defensive mechanism to keep the Pirates literally at Bay. the belt a series of watchtowers starting from Alicante down as far as cadiz. It's fascinating to see them all along the coast as you drive south. Once a pirate attack was spotted in Cabaret they let the fires in the Watchtower which were seen in the next Watchtower who let the fires and on and on. When can really feel I'm sense the history while having a drink in the current restaurant overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean.

5 things people love about Cabo Roig.

Cabo Roig medical centre: probably we shouldn't be starting with the medical center as one of the things that people love most about Cabo Roig, however it is a big thing. Thousands of expats move here to retire and naturally as they get older they're going to need to attend a doctor every now and again. The medical center is open to the public and it's located on Calle Del Mar, (sea street) right at the end of the AguaMarina commercial area. The clinic is free for most people once they have the relevant paperwork from home. it's open from 8 in the morning until 9 p.m. and operates a full range of Medical Services for kids and adults alike. Also the emergency units Works 24 hours a day. Down at the other end of the Cabo Roig strip is the ambulance Center. If you move to Cabo Roig, especially to retire you'll always have medical help at hand.

The Thursday morning Market: the Street Markets on Thursday mornings in Cabaret is a big draw for thousands of people every week. Maybe you want to spend five pounds on a designer bag, grab a bag of oranges, maybe a roast chicken or a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the fields in Murcia. You can get it all here. It's a big social event to and money people just come back for the smells the chats the smiles and their friends they make roaming from stall to stall in search of The elusive bargain.

The marina: Cabo Roig Marina is truly beautiful. It was built over 30 years ago but the version we see today is a far cry from those basic days. There are 200 births available and many other services including: diving courses, windsurfing, introduction to navigation courses, children's sailing courses, wakeboarding and paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skis throughout the year.

La Bahia restaurant: One of the most unique settings down on the Cabo Roig marina will bring you to the la Bahia restaurant and bar. opening hours are Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 a.m. from 7 p.m. to 10 closed on Tuesdays. They do Seafoods as a speciality summer cocktails local Meats delicious seafood chowder and much more in this fine dining establishment. Most people's favorite Parts is to get down early and get a table right on the seafront. Quite literally you will feel the splashes of the Waves as they gently caress your feet while you're enjoying your candle lit dinner overlooking the Mediterranean. When we say this is a unique dining experience well, it really is.

The beaches and The Cliff Walk: as with so many of the beautiful holiday destinations along the east coast of Spain it is impossible to discuss Cabaret and the benefits of being here without speaking about Soft White Sands and beautiful clear Mediterranean water. The Cliff Walk connects Punta Prima in the North to Playa Flamenca, La Zenia and Campoamor more to the South. money people feel when they're on holiday in Spain the last thing they need to hear about is a walk but this is spectacular to see crashing up against the cliff as you walk the couple steps for the 3 or 4 km length of the Walk. you can break it up with a stop on Mighty of the small beaches you would find along the way. the cold drink you have in the beach bar your toes digging into the self Sons would be one of the sweetest tasting things you have ever had on your trip here knowing how much you deserve it. Service and prices are excellent at the beach bars or chiringuito as they're known. The chiringuito in Cabo Roig itself is one of the locals favorites. We recommend you check it out on a Sunday afternoon where Rock duo Kolted perform a stripped-down set every Sunday. it's a real blast.

What sort of property is available in Cabo Roig and what can you expect to pay?

We have sold property in Cabo Roy facing the sea for as much as three and a half million euro in 2018. We have also been involved in deals for one bedroom apartments for 70,000. typically a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartments on the strip in cowboy will cost you something between 80200 and 20000 depending on the spec the floor it's on the finish the orientation Etc.Here are three samples of properties for sale within that range.123

What about new build property in Cabo Roig?

Palm Beach 2, Cabo Roig by immosol builders is really worth checking out.the development consist a 16 independent fellas with their own gorgeous private swimming pool. The design is modern clean and Bryce and the location on the Costa Blanca in the awesome area of Cabo Roig is perfect. The house if you buy true us come with furniture they all have large private solariums terrific Mediterranean views privacy at a great price. Typically you would pay 350000 would cost for the three bedroom detached 130 m2 property. If you get in touch with us and we introduce you to the builders, you will save an impressive 9,465 Euro.Contact us and let us show you how but do it first.

Perhaps you were in the enviable position of looking for properties at the higher end of the market. We have exclusive rights to sell a Norwegian home, right here in the heart of old Cabo Roig, beachside just a couple hundred from the soft sounds of the Mediterranean. Why do I mention that this resale Villa is owned by Norwegians? when the owners bought the property five or six years ago they quite literally spent 500,000 euro doing it up two Scandinavian standards. Here is the link but really this is a most View Property if you have over 1 million euro to spend.Link.

Cabo Roig, a summary.

There are just so many good things we can say about this beautiful part of the world. We'd be here all day if we discussed the shopping experience at the la Zenia Boulevard alone. Let's leave that for another time.

There are a few things however that almost made it into the top 5 things people love about Cabo Roy. We have a tennis club here for example. Spaced down at the Cabo Roig Club, tennis players of every level gather here daily to play and socialize. in fact the social aspect of the tennis appears to far outweigh the level of competition. An Irish lady una organizes social tennis if you get in touch we can give you her details but we assure you it's great fun.Cabo Roig has not one, but two churches, one each side of the National Road. It's such a contrast to The hopping Nightlife, karaoke, casinos and people love this contrast.The location is perfect, situated as it is, such a short trip to two international airports Murcia and Alicante.The climate is excellent. We see golfers Walker outdoor yoga in to Zenia all enjoying the 320 days of clear skies on the Costa Blanca.

If you were thinking of moving to Spain in general, we really feel that the Costa Blanca, and Cabo Roig is an area you really should explore before you make a decision.We can help you save a considerable amount of money if you start your property search with us. Why not get in touch today and start saving money now?


Beds: 2Baths: 2Size: 68 m²



Beds: 2Baths: 2Size: 68 m²


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