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Property for two families close to the sea.

Property for two families close to the sea.

Here are two properties we have listed today in Pilar de La Horadada: First a few points about the properties: Located in Pilar de la Horadada they are the perfect holiday home, ideal for one or 2 families based on both apartments being one top of the other… Only 1 year old.. New furniture throughout […]

More British buyers expected in Spain 2020

More British buyers expected in Spain 2020

British people are buying more and more property in Spain, that’s official. The recent report from the 2019 notarial returns in Spain show that British people, as they usually do, are heading the nationality league table of foreign buyers. This surge is in spite of an exchange rate, euro to sterling, sitting about 20% lower […]

Mortgage rules in spain.

Do you need finance to help buy your property in Spain? Not all of our clients are cash buyers as you can imagine.  Amongst the advantages of using the banks finance as opposed to your include;  Compound appreciation. OPM Other people’s money  Leverage.  We ́ve explained all of these concepts in other blogs. You can […]

Can I save 13,750 on my property in Spain? 

Can I save 13,750 on my property in Spain? 

Can I really save 13,750 Euro on my property purchase in Spain?    You know you can, if you use your head and purchase with a different kind of estate agent, like SHO. (you probably know us as Spanish homes.Online)   Our client and long time friend of the company Fred Erickstrom, (no, he is […]

The Spanish economy is booming!

The Spanish economy is booming. This might be the best time to start looking for a home in Spain! (Brexit is helping the Spanish economy)   This week, The European union announced it will take Spain out of the Excessive Deficit Procedure. Spain suffered austerity after a decade in the program, but Brussels warned that […]

New Construction madness seizes the Alicante region

Construction madness seizes the Alicante region!     The Alicante region, especially the Orihuela Costa is Spain’s leading light as the property market kicks off again.   Presently, Orihuela Costa is a neighbour of its big sister, the city of Orihuela.  The Orichuela Costa includes famous regions like Villamartin, La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Los Dolses, […]


Can you still change your British registered car to Spanish plates?   Spanish Solutions answer a question for one of our British property buyers, regarding getting your British car legal in Spain.   Spanish homes online are not just your average real estate agent. We can help with legal and tax issues too. In fact […]

How does Rent to Buy property in Spain work?

How does Rent to Buy property in Spain work?   A great way to buy Spanish property.   So, lets say you are thinking of making the move to Spain and you are looking to buy a property here. However, for any one of a number of reasons you can’t come up with all the […]

Coffee anyone?  (on Cabo Roig beach!!) Your next coffee should be on the Costa Blanca. Good news! The new and improved beach bar is open on Cala Capitan beach right between Cabo Roig and La Zenia. It will remain open right through to the end of October and opens early for coffee (9am) and serves […]