Property sales in Spain increase, again.

It has been a tough couple of years for the property sector in Spain.
The sector has been battered first by Brexit uncertainty and laterally by the covid pandemic.
Many of us feared that the life support machine of the property market might be on the verge of being unplugged. Our fears were, luckily, unfounded.
We were seeing an increase in sales early in the year but for the 5th time since March 2020 more than 50,000 deals were completed in Spain last month.
In fact, the total of 59,272 deals completed (source national statistics institute) is the highest level for this time of year in 15 years!!

Last month was the 13th month in a row whereby the numbers of completions have increased. There is a 25% year on year increase in sales between 2022 and 2021. Sales are up by 10% since the start of 2022.

Resale property in Spain.

The big numbers are being seen when it comes to Resale property, especially in the Orihuela Costa. There are issues with the supply of raw materials for all the obvious reasons. Ukraine is supplying many buyers in the Alicante region. These delays and bottlenecks result in the second-hand home market really reaching new highs. The issues there are certainly not helping with dew developments here in Spain. Simply put, there are more buyers than sellers in the Spanish property market right now.
It’s a great time to market your Spanish property and of course, we are willing and able to help if that is your situation.
For buyers, we still advise them. “There has probably never been a time to buy your property in Spain, than Today!”.
If buying a property in Spain is on your to-do list, we think we can provide you with the value, professionalism and knowledge that you need.
We list all our deals with the Land Registry of Spain. We ensure too that deals are notarized in the public Notary and no corners are cut.
Please feel free to get in touch with Kevin or Adam and we’ll ensure that you get the deal you deserve!