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How can I become a Spanish property agent?

There are many ways to profit from the booming Spanish property sector in 2018 and going forward to 2019.

There are a few reasons why we see the Spanish property market taking off; briefly here are the reasons in a nutshell why is the No.1 destination for European Ex-Pats to move to Spain.

Viva Espana! 

The sunshine. The cost of living. Opportunities. The beaches. The golf. The social scene. Ease of access. English speaking. The culture. The wine. And of course, the food….

The Spanish diet is world renowned for its incredible health benefits.

Q: Why should I move to Spain?

A: Who wouldn’t want to move here??

We don’t expect the influx of people coming to Spain to slow down anytime soon. Can you argue with any of the reasons above as to why someone wouldn’t want to live here?

Brexit and moving to Spain. Let’s start at the negative: The Brexit situation will soon be resolved. British people living in Spain will learn their fate- that which we have preached for two years. British people will be allowed, in fact encouraged by the Spanish government to move to Spain and continue to have fantastic lives and retirements here. Currently one million British people live in Spain. (official figures say its a third of this, we know the real numbers!). Britain is a changing place and a large amount of disgruntled people will move to Spain to create that new life away from the chaos of populism in British politics.

Travel strikes. Ryanair issues will be fixed by 2019, meaning more routes and choices for those looking to relocate here. Michael O Leary has agreed to deal with trade unions- We may not like it, but the prospect of strike free travel across Europe is very appetizing to visitors.

Investors. Buy low, sell high or buy low, RENT high, might be the new motto of those investors looking to get involved in the property rental sectors in Spain. Airbnb is hot in Spain – more and more Europeans are buying property here with a view to earning a steady rental return and online businesses make it easier to run their Spanish rental property investments from anywhere – They need help finding the Spanish property bargains however – that’s where we (you and us) can help.

16,141,241 Britons voted to remain in Europe yet still negotiations with Europe have come this close to the nuclear option. These upset Brits are coming here and it’s going to start a new surge in people buying property in Spain.

Travel strikes. Ryanair issues will be fixed by 2019, meaning more routes and choices for those looking to relocate here. Michael O Leary has agreed to deal with trade unions- We may not like it, but the prospect of strike free travel across Europe is very appetizing to visitors.

Investors. Buy low, sell high or buy low, RENT high, might be the new motto of those investors looking to get involved in the property rental sectors in Spain. Airbnb is hot in Spain – more and more Europeans are buying property here with a view to earning a steady rental return and online businesses make it easier to run their Spanish rental property investments from anywhere – They need help finding the Spanish property bargains however – that’s where we (you and us) can help.

Here is an idea: Live in Spain half the year.

There are many opportunities that allow people like you to live in Spain and keep your home in Ireland, Britain or Europe. Perhaps you can work remotely in your accounting, blogging or graphic design business? Maybe you can buy a property on the Mediterranean coast, rent it six months of the year and earn enough that you can live here for the other six months?

Maybe becoming an affiliate for SpanishHomes.Online is the way- You can work from home, learn on the job, use SpanishHomes.Online training and mentoring to generate leads. Best part – you can save your friends thousands of euro and get paid to do so.


Send us an email, we can have a chat and see if it works for you.

So, how can I become an agent in Spain, and why would I choose Spanish Homes Online?

SpanishHomes.Online is an innovative, efficient, full-service, cloud-based Spanish Property broker designed to give our affiliates, partners and agents:
more money in their pockets (for your clients and for you). We can save your clients thousands and still have enough to pay you a very decent commission!

More time,
you don’t need to show houses to your friends, you are not making sales calls, you don’t need to write super ads or design smart marketing campaigns, you are not chasing clients, cold calling or even follow up with people. That’s our job.

More innovative technology services.

Our IT dept. is based in the UK, with knowledge of the market in the US, Caribbean and Europe. We know what is working and what clients respond to. We offer you banner ads for example to put on your social media channels. A client clicks through your link, we record the lead as being yours. Next, we proceed to save your friend thousands of euro and you can earn a commission from us on handing over of the keys. It’s a tried and tested model- and it works.
You will love the freedom to work and enjoy this opportunity from wherever you want. You don’t need to be on the ground in Spain. We have lawyers, property sellers, after sales, financial and legal advisors here and their role is to ensure a smooth transaction. You just need to believe in the system.

Our always-up-to-date Spanish property training, mentoring and coaching will help you build a successful Spanish real estate business, with minimum distraction for you and your other business/family/lifestyle interests.

Our structure gives you the ability to earn multiple streams of income in Spain. In fact, you can make more than the 100% commission a regular agent makes due to the commissions we pay you for helping your friends save money on currency, banking, etc.

YES, that’s correct, you can earn more Part Time than a full-time agent on the ground in Spain earns!!

We also pay a generous 10% unlimited referral bonus for other agents you recruit. No, sorry negative Nellies, This is not a Ponzi scheme, we only offer 2 tier commission, if a referred affiliate brings on another we don’t offer you any commission on the 3rd tier.  It makes sense and just like Amazon pay people a commission when they refer you to their website, we pay you a commission if you sign up others who spread the word about saving money when buying a property in Spain.

Ok, how does that work?

Let’s say you own a yoga studio in Oslo. No connection to the Spanish Real estate industry, right? Wrong!

Your clients today might well be looking to buy a property in Spain and who does not like to save €10,000? When they see the banner on your website, not only does your Yoga client get a great house at a great price, they fall in love with our service. What do they do next?? Invariably, they become an affiliate for SpanishHomes.Online too. They pass the word to their circle of influence, yet another client gets a deal, and you even get paid because you indirectly brought them on board too. You are earning more than 100% of the commissions of the agent!


SpanishHomes.Online´s paperless platform allows our affiliates, like you, to run and operate their business entirely online from the comfort of your living room or the local Starbucks. This proprietary and advanced model eliminates the cost and hassle associated with a traditional brick and mortar brokerage. No electricity bill, no wages, no maintenance of the office. You just buy the coffee.

We charge absolutely no franchise fees; no royalty fees of any kind; no desk fees; no yearly or monthly fees. We take our cut form the sellers, get the deal for your clients and you get paid from the balance.

Spanish Homes Online Mission Statement.

At Spanish Homes.online, we live by our mission to provide a successful road-map for our ex-pat expat homes buyers in Spain by working to improve the lives of our clients, affiliates, brokers and agents. We exist because we help people to save money and we empower affiliates to build a strong, sustainable business in the treacherous Spanish Estate agency business.

Everyone who uses SpanishHomes.Online is glad they did so.

Our core values, of clients and friends before profit, help us stay true to being more than just another Spanish real estate broker. Our reason to exist is to provide an exceptional client experience before, during, and after every single transaction. We aim to make the Spanish property buying and selling experience simple, profitable, enjoyable, and stress free. Our affiliates love us – we help them not just to help their clients but to earn a second stream of income, with minimal effort.

Steps involved to becoming a Spanish Homes.online affiliate.

We strive to find the best partners for success in the Spanish property market starting with learning more about you and your experience in real estate, client care, marketing and social media. During this initial discovery process, we will dive into the SpanishHomes.online business model and exactly how we compensate YOU! Afterall, we all need to earn a euro or two!

  • Initial consultation. Do you think we can work together to save your clients time, money and stress?
  • Business review and what we want from you. We want you to know what’s involved on both sides of the deal.
  • Screening- are you a good fit?*
  • Formulating your specific plan- Are you a social media type of person or do you meet potential buyers face to face as part of your main job? Either way, we tailor your plan accordingly.
  • Sign the agreement.
  • Get cracking with a Virtual Grand opening in conjunction with our Tech Dept.
  • Full 2-Day Training at Your Location

*A recent applicant was turned down, not because he was not enthusiastic, not because he was lazy or didn’t understand marketing, social media or sales. No, he ticked every box. Problem was, he did not enjoy Spain, didn’t like the food, did not enjoy the sunshine and the beaches. He had lived here when he was a teenager but on returning to Ireland, he realised he’d never come back to Spain. We want people to sell Spain, who love it as much as we all do. Needless to say, we graciously turned him down as an affiliate!

So, I’m an affiliate and ready to start, now what?

When you become a SpanishHomes.Online professional, our UK based Tech department will provide you with:
  • Lead generation tools, such as banners for your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat page.
  • Marketing tools like template emails, sales scripts etc,
    Access to our designers in India who help you create posters for your noticeboard or window display.
  • Landing pages for your website if you have one.
  • Agent portal keeping you up to date on the progress with your on clients.
  • Promotional website, built just for you, if you choose. (an additional fee of 495 euro applies and this is not mandatory).
  • Comprehensive training in Spain and/or online.
  • CRM. So you have a client who will buy in a few months? We help you to stay connected with her, without being pushy, but without losing touch either.
  • Transaction management help. Should you introduce a potential client to us, we don’t want you to worry about how to get the deal closed, how to get finance or how to rent the property- Your personal transaction manager does that, and they are here to help YOU as well as your client.
  • Inspection trips. We offer inspection trips for 199 euro. It’s a three-day subsidised tour of the area you can offer to clients. They pay 199 and should they buy, it’s just another thing we knock off the price of their home in Spain!
  • You have discretion as to whether or not, the inspection trip is offered to the client.
  • Ideas centre. Got a good idea to generate leads for affiliates or clients?? … Great! Present it to us, if we implement it across the board, you´ll get paid for every single transaction and even more people will benefit from dealing with us!


We've already answered them!

How much can you earn as a Spanish Estate agent?

There are as many answers to that question as there are unqualified estate agents in Spain!!!

As a general rule, the cost of living here is lower than it is in most countries in Europe and the barriers to entry in the industry is low. You don’t need any specific qualification to sell property in Spain. (we know, it’s an open secret, but literally you can be a clown in the circus on Monday and set yourself up as a Spanish property broker on Tuesday!!) Here at SpanishHomes.online we avoid these clowns like the plague. You should too. Back to the question…… how much can I earn as a real estate agent in Spain?

Typically, most agent sell their time for money. A full-time agent in Spain receives about €1,000 PM plus they get free phone, free car, petrol etc. Commissions start at 500 per sale and go up as far as 2,000 euro per sale for the sales agent working for a decent firm. You must be in the office during normal hours, sometimes weekends and holidays too. The good news is you’re handed clients and you never need to wonder where the next lead comes from. Sell two per month and you can conceivably earn 60.000 per year gross- the spend ability of this amount is equivalent to earning 100,000 in London.
Not bad. Problem is you are restricted to the amount of hours in the day and the amount of viewings you actually do.

What can you earn as a Spanish Homes.online affiliate?

As a part time lead generating machine like what we have in SpanishHomes.online it’s different- you earn while you sleep, work and walk the dog.
You continue your life as a teacher/yoga instructor/blogger/anything really, but while you are in front of the classroom, your banner ad is getting hits, our lead management department is processing the leads and you are about to get your first client of your career.
If you generate 10 leads per month (yes, you are a machine), and we convert only 30% of them, you should still be taking home 36,000 euro for not too much work. However, one of your buyers become an agent every month… Stay with me here. If you keep up the target of 10 leads per month within a year you can be earning 5,000 per month- the same as the guy sweating his kahunas off under the Spanish sun, who is doing the actual selling!

Can I work from home, even if I live outside of Spain?

The big advantage of working with SpanishHomes.Online is that we are a cloud-based brokerage firm. You can work from the beach, cafe or the comfort of your living room. Everything you need to run your Spanish Property business is in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere, once you have a half decent internet connection.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid by transfer once the deal is closed. We provide you with accounting advice here in Spain to ensure you pay all the tax required, but not one euro more!

How long does it take to get paid?

If you have a Spanish bank account, you´ll see the money with 24 hours of completion, for foreign bank accounts, transfers can take three days. We retain a % of the payment to ensure you are always up to date with your tax affairs here in Spain.

Can I work part-time?

We encourage it. Our agents are independent contractors. There are no office hours, no dress code and no minimum work week.

Can I recruit agents in other areas and countries?

Yes, you can. Just because you work for a bank in Sweden doesn’t mean you can’t recruit a friend to get on board who world in your Denmark branch. The internet is making Europe a small place.

Are there any monthly fees?

When you join Spanish Homes Online there are no monthly fees, annual fees, no franchise nor royalty fees. We pay you for leads once we convert them. Simple as that. There are no advertising or desk fees of any kind unless you decide to engage in your own personal market campaign, within your local territory or you need help with landing pages, your own website etc.

Will you help launch in my own office?

If you wish to have a bricks and mortar office, in conjunction with another business either real estate or finance related, we will be delighted to join your opening party and help generate a bit of a buzz around your new business.

Can I also sell property in Turkey, The Bahamas and Iran?

No. We don’t like saying no to our affiliates, but just like Ronald McDonald will not let his employees sell their grandma’s homemade cookies, no matter how good they are, we only want you using your special tools to sell property in Spain that we know to be legal and offering great value to the buyer. If you mix in other products or service, we lose control and we suddenly are no better than the average Spanish Property Estate agent.

Is there a cap on the number of sales I make or the number of agents I recruit?

There is not a cap on how many agents or buyers you can refer to the company. We have the resources here to deal with your leads, so everyone gets the same level of service. Your income is unlimited with no cap as well.

What is my agent commission split?

Agent compensation packages through SpanishHomes.online, although simple and transparent, are proprietary and explained in person during your initial consultation. You get well rewarded, we promise. Just to repeat… Our model works- it’s a legitimate affiliate business, helping our agents and buyers to achieve something special in Spain.

What does it cost to own a territory, not just a one-man (or woman) office?

We have been approached by clients looking to own a large territory, for example, the city of Dublin, where they recruit and train affiliates. As of yet, we have not signed up any, but we are willing to discuss this on a case by case basis.

Can I have my lawyer talk to your lawyer?

Yes, we encourage you to get legal advice- you need to be sure we are as good and honest as we think we are.

Can a couple work together and run one affiliate?

Sure, in fact it’s a terrific way for the business to thrive- you get energy from each other and this takes away the sometimes, lonely life of the entrepreneur!

Is SpanishHomes.online a franchise?

No, SpanishHomes.online and all its territories are currently totally owned and operated privately.

Does SpanishHomes.Online provide training?

We highly recommend you signing up for our interactive training course. This will help you to strengthen your weaker points and really develop your positive ones.

Do we need to build a personal relationship with our buyers?

Absolutely at your own discretion, you can meet your clients here in Spain or back home. There is no obligation to do so, as they will be very well taken care of while under the wing on our company.

Does SpanishHomes.Online offer coaching?

We use coaches ourselves- Brian Tracy, E-Myth, GTD, Tony Robbins and others, so why not? We´ll put you in touch with the people we used to make this company such a success.

What’s the catch?

We hear it all the time- “You’re giving me a business, for free, and I earn money while I sleep”? So far, we haven’t thought of a catch- as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

Am I married to SpanishHomes.Online?

No, you are not. If it’s not working, that’s ok, we are sad to lose you but we are not in the business of keeping unhappy affiliates.

Ready to talk?

Send us an email and we will arrange a call.

Do you think earning money by helping others to achieve their Spanish property dream might work for you?

Are you ready for the next phase of your life?

If so, you know what to do- Get in touch with us today!