La Mata is situated on the edge of Torrevieja and with developments over the past ten years have almost made it part of the city. It has not allowed any high rise buildings and retains its individual charm and Spanish identity and also boasts one of the finest beaches along the Costa Blanca Spain. It's here in La Mata that people gather for their evening stroll away from the mid day sun ( unless of course you are a mad dog or an Englishman!! ) The seafront is always bustling with activity, with its many tourists taking advantage of over 300 days of sunshine yearly. Traders roam the beaches offering handcrafted wares, "designer' bags, watches and sunglasses, massages, hats and fruit. It is a colourful vibrant place and wonderful place to "people watch'.

Close to the salt lakes of Torrevieja, La Mata reaps the benefits of the health benefits associated with the salt lakes. The most wonderful sunsets to the West can be seen from La Mata with deep red skies set back behind palm trees and gently lapping water. There is a nature park here Park Natural de La Mata which is an official Spanish Nature reserve. It is fully wheelchair friendly and has a lovely picnic area to stop and enjoy a bite, where you get relief from the sun by the many pine trees but you still retain a view of the lakes. The park is surrounded by the two pink salt lakes known as "Salinas de la Mata' which add to the healthy sensations of time spent here. The visitor centre has much information about the local flora and fauna and the park attracts a wide variety of our feathered friends as well as varieties of insects including colourful dragonflies and fast-moving little lizards. Who would have thought they would be such an attraction!! These lakes are famous for their flocks of pink tinged flamingos that spend 10 months of the year here but emigrate to warmer climates around December to February. Truly its a great site seeing them take off and return.

This is a completely unspoilt and uncommercialised area and it should be on everyone's agenda for a special day out.

There is an abundance of delicious restaurants in the La Mata area; one I'd recommend is El Pozo which has a mix of Spanish and International cuisine. The customer service is excellent, very reasonably priced, large portions of superb fresh food deliciously flavoured, tasty jugs of Sangria and a relaxed pleasant atmosphere. Another wonderful restaurant on the seafront at La Mata is Tango Asador Argentino. As its name suggests it is an Argentinean restaurant offering the best of South American cooking and some Spanish dishes as well. Slightly pricier than some of the other restaurants surrounding it, it is worth it for the big Steaks dripping with flavour, fresh vegetables with delicate sauces - getting hungry now just remembering!! There are numerous cafes along the beach front that offer a wonderful choice of aromatic coffees and a view second to none.

La Mata, due in no small part to its location on the north of Torrevieja is very popular for Irish and British people thinking of buying property here in Spain. Prices are still very reasonable and property here represents great value compared to more built up parts of the Costa Blanca.

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