Cabo Roig is an area situated on the Mediterranean Coast, on the Costa Blanca, in the southeast of Spain.

It has been popular with Spanish holiday-makers since the 1970's but the Spanish property boom of the late 90's and early 2000's irreversibly changed Cabo Roig with an influx of new money and a new population.

La Zenia is the neighbouring area to the north, Campoamor beach is the region south of Cabo Roig and Campoamor, the golfing paradise is to the west. The Spanish cities of Alicante, Murcia and Cartagena are all within a 45 minute drive of this town with a very modern feel on the Spanish coast.

The Beaches of Cabo Roig.

Cabo Roig has two main blue flag beaches; Cala Capitan beach is the larger one, and the second one is the self named Cabo Roig beach, (also known as Cala Caleta Beach) joined together by the stunning Cabo Roig cliff walk.

Cala Capitan beach is a family friendly beach due to the lagoon-like area where the water barely rises above 12 inches for fifty metres or so into the Mediterranean. Both beaches are well looked after by the life guards and staff of the Chiringuito Beach bar who provide food, drinks and loungers under the umbrellas for those looking to get out of the sunshine even temporarily. They also provide lockers for safekeeping of valuables. People who are here on holiday just love this beach with its views right to Punta Prima and Torrevieja.

Beach volleyball, beach football, frisbee and many summer sports like boules are played by young and old on both beaches. Paddle Boarding is organised by Mark and Natty and is especially popular recently. You can reach them on facebook or in person by calling into the Makai cafe in La Zenia.

For safety, and to keep their blue flag status, the beaches of Cabo Roig are both protected by lifeguards. This is a good thing as there is always a severe undercurrent in this part of the Mediterranean. Please be careful!

Interesting Features

Torre Vigia, a Watchtower, looks over the Mediterranean coast, and is a very dominant structure, not to mention an historic one in Cabo Roig. This tower is part of the network of lookout towers built along the Spanish coast to protect against Berber pirate raids which persisted right into the 17th century. It's likely that in the mid 12th century, Cabo Roig was an Arabic site but the stone built tower was placed here in the 16th century to ironically protect against Arab raids.

The Berber pirates attacked the south of Spain from the 13th to the 17th century.They had been displaced from what they considered to be their homes by the Spanish and sent to Granada and therefore they took to the sea to become pirates, pillaging the towns of the Spanish coast and even taking the Spanish people as captives and as slaves.

The network of towers were all connected visually. They were the first line of defence, when one tower suspected a threat was imminent they lit a fire, and the white smoke raised the alarm in the neighbouring towers and the word of attack was passed along the Costa Blanca right up to Alicante. Also, the residents within view of the towers were informed of pirate ships on the horizon immediately, giving them time to make a hasty retreat!

These days the Torre Vigia is a lot more peaceful. It has become part of the Cabo Roig La Bahia Restaurant. This typical Spanish restaurant serves tapas, beers, full course meals with views over the Cabo Roig marina and right across the sea, just like it did all those years ago. The restaurant is well worth a visit, if only for the view alone. The service, let's be honest, is not fantastic; the vista however.... spectacular.

The Scenery

The scenery around Cabo Roig, as you would expect with a piece of land jutting out into the sea, is dominated by the Mediterranean.

We've mentioned the Cabo Roig tower as a site that you really should visit if only for the views over the entire bay area right the way to La Manga. It's also an access point to the La Zenia/Cabo Roig cliff walk. If you have the legs for it, do it. It'll take you 20 minutes to reach La Zenia literally all the way on the cliff and beaches. It's a cobbled surface so not perfect for bikes (in fact it's one of the few routes on the whole Orihuela Costa cycling is frowned upon) but it's easy on the feet at least. If you wish to continue walking to Playa Flamenca, the route goes past the La Zenia hotel and you can go all the way to Punta Prima.

Regardless of the humour of the sea on that day, it's a beautiful stretch of beach walkway.

On a windy day with the waves crashing up to the cliff it's something special, on a calm day with the sea looking like a mirror, it's maybe the most relaxing place in the world!


Fishing is particularly favourable with the Spanish, casting off from the shore. Boats, with skippers, can be organised for sea fishing trips, parties, romantic evenings, corporate events etc. Generally booze and a BBQ will be provided on request too.

Some restaurants and bars in Cabo Roig we recommend….


This is one of the top real Irish bars on the Costa Blanca. We say real Irish bar as it's run by a real Irish family from Co. Donegal. The service is spot on; always a smile for every customer, the pint of Guinness is good, the atmosphere always fun, and as they are such huge sports fans themselves, pretty much every game is on the TV all the time.

They run a very popular golf society, they have music most, or in fact maybe all nights and it's a top spot to have a beer on the Cabo Roig strip. This was previously known as the Bog Road bar.

The Italian restaurants

There is a great selection of Italian restaurants on the Cabo Roig strip; Puccinis, The Italian Affair and our particular favourite, Piccolino's Italian restaurant. The service is great, Gio, the boss man, is quite the entertainer. It's possibly the best pizza I've ever had in Spain- perhaps it's because you can see it being made from start to finish.

Another thing I like is that the family all work here and they are super friendly. I'm not sure if it's policy but I've noticed while people are waiting for their take away pizza, Gio will give them a complimentary drink - just another nice touch!

Cabo roig Inn.

This is a new addition to the Cabo Roig Strip, opened by an Irish team in the summer of 2019. It is well run, serves a good Guinness and always shows every match.

The Clipper bar/Bahia.

Yes, I know this is two bars but I only have room to write about five places so I'm running these two in together as they are pretty much side by side in the Cabo Roig Marina.

The clipper is the smaller one. It only has a few tables right in front of the marina at Cabo roig. It's such a lovely place for a glass of vino, coffee or an ice cream especially in the evenings when the sun is setting and the leisure boats are returning from their day on the Mediterranean. If you ask the waiter politely, he'll give the kids some stale bread to throw into the sea to feed the already very well fed fish!

The Bahia is the bigger bar/restaurant to the side of the Clipper with lots tables inside and outside. They do full course meals, kids meals, tapas, drinks, live music at night and as it's right on the sea, it's such a wonderful location. In fact, the location may be better than the restaurant quality itself and it's a little pricey but it's totally worth it however for a different sort of night out.

STELLA MARIS, Sailing Club, Cabo roig.

Although tragically badly marketed, the Stella Maris in Cabo Roig has many great activities for young and old that are worth checking out.

For example:


The price for a week is 140 per child, 5 days per week, 3 hours each day (from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00-13:00h).

Maximum groups of 6 children. They are all the time with a monitor who takes care of them, teaches them the basics etc. Children are required to be 5 or more years old.

During these 3 hours, normally the children do 2 hours of sailing, always depending on the wind, after that they do fun activities such as kayaking, pedal boat, etc. In the adverts about this course on their website, which is only in Spanish, they say:

"Learn all parts of the boat, how to rig the sails, basic navigation, how to clean and care for the boat, plus at the end of each class, try another activity like kayaking, pedal boat or a high speed jet-ski trip. This course could greatly improve your children water confidence"

The price for a family is 500 per week, it doesn't matter if the family has 4 or 5 members.


50 €/15 min (It's inside a closed circuit, If you go out of the circuit the monitor disconnect your moto, so be carefu

70 /20 min (It could be outside the circuit, organised trip with a monitor who is in charge of a group of people. They go a bit further away).

100 €/30 min

They're waiting for some changes in the law. Once it is possible foreign people can get a licence here in Spain, with a deposit of 3000 € and 200€ per month, and motos could be used freely and taken as far away from Cabo Roig as you wish- This might be available in 2016, we just don't know yet.

* Sailing Licences for adults.

On the other hand, Stella Marina offers the possibility to get your "Navigation licence" for 150€

It's a licence to operate a Spanish boat and is achievable in one day (5 hours practice and that's all). It's valid for motor boats up to 6 metres in length with unlimited engine size.

That's just a taste of what is on offer in Cabo Roig, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Our job at Spanish homes online is of course not just to sell the area to people but to help those who are interested in buying Spanish property in Cabo Roig and the surrounding area; a job we have taken very seriously for more than twenty years.

If you think you can benefit from contacting us at our La Zenia or San Miguel offices, we'd be delighted to see if we can help you too.

We look forward to help you achieve your property dreams in Spain!


Many people from far afield have heard of the Cabo Roig strip, especially as in mid-March it is a sea of green, with one of the top 10 Paddy's Day parades in the World, on the 17th March there is a superb parade, live music and a real party atmosphere with people thronging the streets, dressed in green, white and gold, and the typical festive hats. Pre COVID-19, there were over 10,000 party goers celebrating St Patrick's Day and Ireland's national saint. The rest of the year it is a humming, lively, colourful strip of road, with mainly small units; shops, restaurants, bars and even a few things for the solo male traveller...! But mostly you will see people of all ages; young couples, older couples, families, groups of youngsters, enjoying the night life a stone's throw from the beach. You will also find banks, plenty of shops selling china, clothes, towels, inflatable beach stuff, souvenirs, shoes, flip flops, toys etc, as well as a DIY shop and fantastic furniture and lighting shops. Additionally, there is a public medical clinic, a "centro salud", and you will also find a large and well-stocked pharmacy and a superb private clinic; Centro Medico Virgen de la Caridad, that has a GP and nurse, and everything from a dental clinic to cardiology. Ask for Mariano; he is very helpful. Their website is

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