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Are you Selling a home in Spain?

SpanishHomes.online will help you achieve a successful sale!

You are thinking of selling your property in Spain and you are trying to decide which agent is best? Are all agents the same? Not even close! Below we will explain the Spanish property listing process in detail. We work with all major law offices in the region and Spanish Solutions with whom we share an office in Pilar de la Horadada offer special deals for our clients.  Contact Nicola today and we will tell you the next steps.

The first thing we do with our Spanish property sellers is we sit down together and go through what the process looks like. If you can’t come to any of our offices, that’s ok – We will go to you. We can meet in your home and discuss how it all works.

 We have sold so many properties, even if we didn’t sell you originally, we will know one of your neighbors.  It is important that you know we are not some amateur outfit.

Between us, our legal representatives and knowledgeable team, we strive to help you  get all you need from your selling experience.

We know the Spanish market very well. We first started selling property in Spain back in the 1990s!  We have an attractive office location in Pilar de La Horadada and we office share with many other agents and law offices along the Costa Blanca.

Our office is easy for buyers to find and our window display gives your property great local exposure. We attend property shows across Europe and we work with a large network of estate agents too. We advertise in local newspapers and publications and we have a large email list we market to regularly.

At SpanishHomes.online we really concentrate on our online marketing- We want eyes on your home from all over the world.

We also advertise on the most popular portals. Your Spanish home will be visible in the following digital locations:

  • Our website (very highly ranked, its probably why your here!)

  • A Place in the Sun portal

  • (Periodically) Daft.ie

  • Kyero.com

  • Facebook.com

  • Instagram

Our listing agreement can be exclusive or non-exclusive- We prefer non exclusive contracts. We don’t want our clients to feel trapped and we know how good we are at selling for you, our client.

What documentation do you need to help you sell your home in Spain?

In advance of any sale, you need to be well prepared. Perhaps a buyer is only here for a few days- We don’t want to frighten them by not being able to show them the deeds or the planning permission for an extension. It’s vital to be able to act quickly when we find you a buyer. Spanish Solutions or another legal representative with a power of attorney, will usually have access to most of the documents needed.

We prefer if you give us permission to contact them directly on your behalf.

  • Escritura (Title Deeds)

  • Your Passport and NIE number

  • The most recent water and electricity bill

  • Receipts of property tax (Suma / IBI)

  • Details of any extensions.

  • Contact details of your Spanish legal representative

  • Contact info to the administrator of the community

  • Energy cert (CEE)

  • Residence certificate (Cédula de Habitabilidad)

Explanation of some of the documents. 

  1. The Energy Certificate (Certificado de Calificación Energética)

We have an in house architect who deals with this matter. Since 2013, it is the law to present an energy cert before the sale of your home. Antonio will charge approx. 100- 200 euro, depending on the property to provide this to you.  This is a report on energy consumption and how efficient your home is. You are responsible for holding and presenting this document to us.

  1. Housing Certificate (Cédula de habitabilidad)

A residential certificate states that a property is intended to be lived in, is not a commercial and has been completed.  This certificate of habitation is compulsory to present to the Notary at the time of completion. The cost of issuing this housing certificate varies. You can expect to pay around 350 euro.

Again, Antonio, an English-speaking architect, will issue both of the above documents to you.

  1. Non-legal extensions

Do you have any extensions on your property, a new pool, etc that are not yet fully legal? Now is the time to do it.

The certificate from an architect along with the necessary documentation from the tax authority, the Spanish housing register, and the notary, usually is enough. Antonio will give you more accurate details but the cost comes in under 3,000 euro generally. It must be done either way!

What happens on a Spanish Property viewing?

Finding your clients to view the house is vital. The viewing is the next most important part of the sale. While we are listing the house, we are happy to receive tips on what are the unique selling points- the setting sun, the sea view, the shady tree- Let us know and we tell the buyers. You know the property better than anyone.

The first impression is always important. It is therefore very important that buyers are already impressed by the exterior. Both the garden and the patio should remind them of what it looked like in the photos; make sure it’s clean and tidy. We can help you find someone to aid you in this.

A clean / tidy home makes it more attractive to someone who is looking to move there.


SpanishSolutions.online always hope to deliver more than we promise. There are many steps involved in selling your home in Spain- the first one is finding the right estate agency. We think we are the right agent for you and we’d love the opportunity to prove it.

All parties in this sale should be satisfied and feel they are involved in a win/win relationship.

Contact us today in La Zenia, in Pilar or here, online to book a personal meeting.