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You can get your Non Lucrative visa for Free in Spain

You can get your Non Lucrative visa for Free in Spain

Non-Lucrative Visa In Spain.

Our clients are confused; let’s make this simple, despite the advice some of you are receiving. If you do not have a visa, you cannot stay in Spain for a prolonged period;  It is that simple. 

Did you know that if you are moving to Spain, post Brexit you can only stay here for 90 days unless you have a visa? 

Our British and foreign buyers are stunned when they are asked to leave Spain having outstayed their welcome. Why did the estate agent not tell the client this when they were buying a property in Spain? Perhaps they didn’t understand the process. 

We hope to clarify the situation here. 

If you plan to relocate to Spain, despite what your estate agent has told you, a non-lucrative visa for Spain might be the best option for you. You must meet certain standards as detailed below, but the visa can be the stepping stone to a long happy retirement in Spain. 


Non Lucrative Visa in Spain; what is it?

A Spanish non-lucrative residence visa is a unique type of residency permit in Spain. This visa since Brexit is the best way for non-European citizens who relocate to Spain for long term life. This residence permit, importantly, is not-for-profit. That means that you will not be permitted to do any work, economic and professional duties while in Spain. You must be coming here to retire and if that’s the case, you are absolutely recommended to get the visa, BEFORE, you begin the process of finding your dream home in Spain. 

This is not a golden visa so it is not mandatory to invest in Spain for you to obtain it. However, you must prove their financial capabilities of supporting your stay in Spain for at least one year without working.

The visa is renewable after one year and ultimately can lead to full citizenship in Spain. Any of our clients who want to have a permanent stay in Spain can apply for a permit to become Spain’s permanent residence after five years with this visa. 

Also, Spain’s non-lucrative residence visa allows you to bring your family members here so long as you can have enough money to sustain them. This really is a terrific option for British people buying property in Spain. 


What are the requirements for a non-Lucrative visa in Spain?  

You must provide the authorities with Proof of Sufficient Funds to Sustain your Stay in Spain. 

The Spanish government requires you to demonstrate that you have enough money since they are not allowed to work in Spain. There is a possibility of remote work being acceptable, but for now, let’s work on the premise that you are coming here to retire. 

Spain uses a formula called IPREM:  The non-lucrative visa in Spain says that you must have at least 400% of the IPREM value in your bank account every year. In 2021, the 400% IPREM value per month is 2.259,6€. This gives you the IPREM value of €27.115,2 (minimum) per year that you must have access to from investments in the UK, rental property, pensions etc. 

If you include your family members for your visa application to be approved, an additional €6,768 is required yearly for each additional family member. 

Documents that are admissible as proof of your financial means within the period of your stay in Spain include the bank statements for the last 6-12 months, an employment letter if you will be receiving wages while staying in the Spanish territories, proof of investments such as stocks shares, rental property etc.

The Documents required To Submit During an Application

Here is a list of the main documentation required for a visa application to be successfully processed and approved.

  • Visa Application Form. A visa application form will be filled in by you or your representatives in the Spanish consulate where you live. 
  • Passport Photo. Your photos will appear on the visa so you must provide passport-type photos and the photo’s size should be 3×4 cm.
  • Old passport. Our non-lucrative visa applicants in Spain must have the original and photocopy of their passport’s first page. Your passports should be issued within the last ten years and have room for the visa to be attached.  
  • Police Clearance Cert. To get your non-lucrative visa and make the move to retire in Spain, you must have a police clearance certificate. It should be translated by a sworn translator. (another fact that estate agents do not understand in some cases). The police clearance record must be issued within 90 days before making your application. 
  • Private Health Insurance. Your Spanish health insurance policy must be private since your type of visa is also private. We can recommend brokers who qualify and will give you a good deal. You should also include a form known as EX; 01 and a medical certificate. The medical certificate ascertains that you do not have health problems that can affect your entry into Spain. 


The process of the Non lucrative visa in Spain. 

We don’t just sell Spanish property to our clients, we help them to successfully make the move to Spain. If you are buying a property in Spain and the estate agent has not explained in detail the process of obtaining a non lucrative visa, you must be very careful. We advise you to seek legal advice immediately. 

You must apply at least five weeks before travelling to Spain for the visa. If you are already here, you are too late. However, the visa application should not exceed a period of 3 months. The visa application can be made through the Spanish embassy, through a consulate back in the UK. We can make the application for you. It is advised that although you could do it yourself, without detailed knowledge of Spanish systems, the language and how it all works, you must pay a Spanish law office to help you. 

The application process, as mentioned already, must be done in the country of residence, generally the UK, before you travel to Spain. Tourists and home buyers who have entered Spain cannot apply for non-lucrative visas. Please be careful. 

If you are successful, a  residence card is issued to you after you arrive in Spain. Applying in your country of residence has the advantage of saving you time and money if your application is turned down.

While in the UK, you will be asked to show up in the consulate for an interview. Don’t worry, we have loads of clients who have been through the process and they will tell you exactly how it works. During the interview, the applicant meets with the visa consular and provides all required documents supporting the interview.

At this stage, your biometric data, including facial images and fingerprints are also taken. 

The fee in the UK for this part of the process is 700 euro ballpark, excluding translations, obtaining the certificates, speaking to the bank, arranging appointments, filling in the forms, rechecking the application etc. The fee in the consulate is the smallest cost. 


The Spanish stage of the non lucrative visa application.

Once you reach this stage, the documents are reviewed by the Spanish government delegation within the first month of application. You should achieve approval then, assuming you met the relevant requirement. 

The visa also contains an NIE number. This number is an identification number for all foreigners and you need to have it. The NIE number never changes and is unique for each foreigner and does not change ever. 

The next part of the process takes place when you reach Spain with a non-lucrative visa stamped with an NIE number. You have 3 months to allow you to apply for the foreigners’ identification card. The process, which we can take care of, of obtaining a TIE entails registering with the municipality authorities about your residential area. You are required to submit yourself at a police station, (don’t worry, we provide translators!) register your fingerprints, and receive a TIE.

Your application can be denied in Spain if there is no proof of your economic means or if you have not filled in your application properly. You have got to provide proof of 800% of the IPREM 8mentioned above) in your bank account. 

As a non-lucrative visa holder in Spain, you become tax residents here since they must stay for not less than 180 days a year for it to be renewed. That is worth repeating: You need to be here for 180 days per year and pay your taxes here. All straightforward and yes… we can help!! You can use this new visa as an easier way to obtain Spanish nationality down the road.  If you have sufficient funds to maintain your ten years in Spain without permanent employment then permanent residency is an option. The permit also allows you to freely visit any of the Schengen States for 90 days without acquiring another visa. 

Our Advice; do your visa work BEFORE you buy a property in Spain.

In order to increase the chances of success with your visa application, you must provide the correct information when filling your application forms. Again, we can help.

The big thing you need to know is that in our opinion you absolutely must start the application process before you come to Spain to view a property. Most estate agents will tell you the opposite “buy from us, then later worry about your Non Lucrative visa”. We can absolutely promise you that the process START with applying for the visa and getting your property after that.

SpanishHomes.Online has a limited number of Non-lucrative visas that we are obtaining for our clients for FREE. This is a saving of up to 5,000 euro and is exclusive to our buyers. We are very happy for you to get your visa from any of the high street law offices in Spain that are capable of taking the process from point A to point B. Then you buy a property when you know the process is being handled correctly. 

Alternatively, as we said, if you want us to take care of EVERYTHING that is possible, and not charge you a penny, please get in touch to find out the terms and conditions. (yes you need to buy your property from us, and now, we dont just add the cost to your final bill!!)) 

If you want to find out more information about how to get your Non lucrative visa or indeed any aspect of moving to Spain- We are very willing to help. 

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