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Spain’s Remote Workers flocking to Holiday Homes

Spain’s Remote Workers flocking to Holiday Homes

Holiday homes have never been more popular for the Spanish than at this moment in time. Not just for the summer holidays! Remote workers wishing to escape the intense heat of the cities inland, flock to the coast to find a cooler climate, tempered with a sea breeze. This makes for better conditions, for those lucky enough to continue working from home during the Coronavirus crisis. 

With lockdown lifted and new rules being followed, hot sunny days lure beach lovers to bathe, mingle and exercise, while catching the rays of summer sun. Tanned remote workers often sit in the shade, with the tools of their trade placed on relaxed laps, some having remote meetings, others ploughing through their workload, tapping the keys at a more leisurely fashion, in time to the ambience of the setting. 

Surge in Demand for Portable Wifi

Sales of portable wifi devices have soared with companies such as WifiAway seeing demand rise in a huge fashion recently, as people travel to their own or rented holiday homes. Coinciding with the recommendation of the Spanish government for people to work from home, Telefónica, a large well-established telecommunications company in Spain has seen a similar surge in demand.

Remote Working set to Continue

Digital company ‘Fiverr’, considered by some as ‘the world’s largest marketplace for digital services’ launched a study, the results of which suggest that 76% small or medium workplaces will continue to allow remote working for their staff when the Covid19 crisis has passed. This will allow families to consider the move from cities to coastal areas, permanently. What once was a holiday home, could now become permanent living. 

Work-life balance has become a huge prospect for many workers who never before would have had this option,  The coronavirus crisis has pushed past the fear of employers and employees who might have shied away from these options before forcing them to see how productive and life-changing they can be, in all the right ways. Though there are industries where teleworking just isn’t viable, one partner in a relationship might be able to work remotely, while the other has to travel to the workplace, which could still enable a positive change in a household. 

Owning Spanish property ideal for Remote Workers

For those considering a move to Spain, working remotely is one of the ideal positions to be in. With the low cost of living, especially in the South Costa Blanca, wages go further to fund a lifestyle only dreamed of in other European countries. Alicante is one of the regions in Spain with the most hours of sunshine throughout the year, 3,397  according to the business data platform, Statista. Say goodbye to cold winters and if it’s not possible to work remotely from your current job, maybe now is the time to take that plunge, look further afield, for that dream job, to work from your dream home in your dream location.  If Covid19 has taught us anything, it’s that there are no guarantees in life, we should grab opportunities when we can and if the opportunities don’t appear, why not seek them out!

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