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Welcome back to Spain!

Welcome back to Spain!

Spanish Borders have reopened

Spain’s strict lockdown due to Covid19, has now been lifted and thus enabled progression to the ‘new normal’ which is gradually extending across the globe. Spanish borders reopened on 21st June 2020, as planned, to the delight of the European countries being considered for air bridges. Hopes of trips abroad that were slowly fading a month ago are rapidly resurfacing, to the point that bookings are being made in earnest, for travel to the land of sun, sea and sangria. 

Rise in Spanish property searches online during Lockdown

With an estimated 34% rise in internet searches from the UK, for property in Spain’s Costa Blanca, it would appear that the lockdown all over Europe has spurred many on to realise their dream of a home in the sun, for holiday, investment or relocation purposes. 

Social distancing monitored on Beaches

While comparisons have been made between UK and Spanish beaches, with sun worshippers on some of the former appearing to dismiss any social distancing advice, stricter measures have been put in place on Spanish coastal resorts. Monitors have been employed to ensure the new rules are adhered to. Never before has it been so important to get to the beach early and lay your towel on a sunbed or a spot on the sand. It is almost like a symbolism of flags placed by a past generation of explorers and re-settlers to lay claim to plots of land. While some beaches in the north of Spain have gone so far as to install traffic light systems, to stop people walking onto the beach when it’s considered full, other local councils have employed monitors to manage queues of eager sun worshippers willing to wait until a space becomes available. 

Other sunbathing options available

For those reluctant to either get up early or stand in line for a space on the beach, there is always the option of a pool party. One such choice is the trendy Jardines del Mar Chill Beach Club in Campoamor on the Orihuela Costa which opened its doors to sun seekers and cocktail lovers revelling in the sounds of up to the minute music on Sunday 28th June. Summer 2020 has really begun! 

Another great spot for sunbathing and great music on the Orihuela Costa is the Emerald Isle, La Florida where you can rent sunbeds and relax by the pool, sipping your refreshment of choice.  Evening entertainment began on 22nd June and will continue through the summer months. ‘Abba Elite’, together with Rod Stewart and Cher tribute bands are among the acts lined up for your enjoyment every night of the week. During the day, the complex also offers a popular bowls club, used by local residents and visitors alike, providing a real sense of community in the area. 

Check before you travel 

Whether planning to holiday or relocate to Spain it is important to research what the rules are for their ‘new normal’.  High on the list is the wearing of face masks in public places where it is not possible to observe the 1.5 metre social distancing rule. Masks are also compulsory on public transport. Fines will be imposed for breaking these rules and could reach 100 euros per incident. For up to date advice, visit gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain

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