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Modern Technology paves the way for Spanish Property Viewings in Lockdown

Modern Technology paves the way for Spanish Property Viewings in Lockdown

Important steps forward in modern technology mean that searching for that dream property in Spain is not being hindered by lockdown, amid the threat of Covid19. Estate agents are now embracing digital training to provide an interim service to clients who, because of the pandemic, cannot access viewings in person. However, it appears that this type of viewing will remain a popular facility going forward, enabling realistic visual access to properties in Spain even after all lockdown measures have been lifted. 

360 Degree Tours

A virtual 360-degree tour of villas, apartments or any property of interest can enable a potential buyer to get a realistic feel of what the property is like, inside and out. This new service could give purchasers the confidence to take the next step forward, securing finance and engaging a lawyer, so as to have everything in place, when the time is right. There is nothing quite like that sense of euphoria when walking through a property that feels like ‘the one’ either virtually or in reality. 

Lockdown need not slow you down

If a home in the sun is what you’re searching for, it’s good to know that once international travel is permitted once again, most of the hard work will have been done, before you’ve even paid for your seat on the plane. Having had virtual viewings, clients could be confident to travel to Spain for the purposes of considering a selected property or indeed checking out a number of choices, to make a decision. With finance and legal representation also digitally accessible, through apps like Zoom or Skype, lockdown will not have inhibited the pace of the buying process. 

So, don’t look at time spent in lockdown as a delay in finding the home of your dreams, use it wisely. This could be your chance to have a really good look, without the footfall, thus enjoying the experience even more, when you eventually land on Spanish soil. 

Notaries moving with the times

Digitisation is also influencing another area of the property market. Notaries in Spain, who witness and authenticate documents, have seen a huge decline in their business as a result of the Covid19 crisis. In an attempt to salvage what they can, a movement has begun to have electronic signatures legalized. This is in an effort to facilitate legal transactions to go ahead, without all parties actually being present in a notary’s office. Electronic signatures won’t replace a Power of Attorney, they will merely allow for social distancing measures to be observed more easily. Notary offices are often filled with bankers, clients and lawyers, all in one room, as an acquisition is legalised, with much handshaking and smiles as the deed is done.  To quote the country’s president of the Association of Professional Real Estate Experts, Oscar Martinez ‘We love physical contact.’ Sadly, for the foreseeable future, the tactile population of this beautiful country will have to avoid just that. Happily, purchases can still be done with ease, thanks to modern technology. 

Technology moving Spain into 21st Century

This positive effect of the pandemic is the movement of Spain into the 21st century, through the power of technology, a move no-one could have foreseen, in normal circumstances. Though emergency notary services have been used during the crisis, while observing social distance guidelines, with the added measure of gloves, these have been few and far between. Going forward, the modern use of digital methods, though practical, will be the end of an era for many Spanish legal professionals.  


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