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Are you ready to be a Spanish property associate? 

Are you ready to be a Spanish property associate? 

How to start in the estate agency industry in Spain.

Please note, due to demand; this opportunity is currently only open to clients of SpanishHomes.online. If you have bought your property in Spain from us, or you’re thinking of doing so, we can help you to run your own SpanishHomes.online business, with zero or almost zero cost to you! 


The most life-changing business opportunities in Spain or anywhere else, are the ones you explore. We meet people all the time with big ideas, yet no injection of urgency. We meet expats moving to Spain who are all action, but…. with no plan. We meet a combination of all these types who think that they can do it all alone and they know how to build a better mousetrap in the Spanish Real Estate sector. They don’t. 

All of these people are doomed to fail. Seeing an opportunity in Spain is only one part of success. Pulling the trigger and making sure it’s the right trigger, aimed inthe right direction- that is a formula that’s hard to beat and a big step forward. 


The most important part is taking that first step to start the business in Spain. Sure, you could have started it after Brexit, last winter, while you were younger. You can wait until the economy improves, the currency gets better, the dog has puppies- so many reasons to not open a business and so many ways to do it wrong. 

Sounds daunting? 

We have discussed on other sites the range of businesses that one can open in Spain in 2020. 

What about becoming an estate agent for SpanishHomes.online? 

Here are some advantages: 

  • Work in the sun.
  • Escape the rat race.
  • No real selling- the clients want to buy our houses, you are not selling sand to Arabs here but beautiful property at the best prices to people who want to buy here.
  • Knowing you are offering nice people the best deal on the market.
  • An opportunity to run your own business on your own day.
  • No Spanish required. We have Spanish staff to help you and the vast majority of your clients will speak English anyway. 
  • Use the knowledge you have. Are you thinking of buying a house from us anyway? Tell clients about your experiences. They buy the person not the house in the first place. If you can relate to them, the sale is the easy part. 
  • We have a full team here right now with experts in every single area who will help you to sell the right house to your clients.
  • Full business set up. Our accountant, lawyer and pros will help you to get your business off the ground. 

So, what do you do first? 

You need to prove to us that you can bring clients to SpanishHomes.online. 

There are a few ways of doing this.


First, you must believe in our company. Unless you, like us, believe that the very best way to buy a property in Spain is to buy with SpanishHomes.online, then nobody will believe you and you cannot make a sale. We believe in our service- You need to do as well. Of course, the way to believe is to go through the buying process yourself. 

Are you buying a property in Spain? Buy from us- how else can you tell clients about your experience, the good and the not so good, the people you liek dealing with and the people you don’t, the area you love and the one you didn’t?


Once you’ve done this, you need to get attention. We can help. 


There are so many incredible ways digitally to get eyes on your Spanish Real Estate business  in 2020. Success in business in Spain always comes from laser focus. You cannot fake this by the way- You must love Spain and love our company. 

So, let’s start a little brainstorming and coming up with some opportunities together that will help you find the perfect stream of clients.


Here are a couple of ideas. (Again, we are taking a shortcut in this post  and pretending you have bought a property in the Costa Blanca through SpanishHomes.online.)


How do you start your business? By getting the first client. 

We’ll help you write introductions to your friends on FB, we’ll give you access to the best properties for sale from Alicante to Almeria and we’ll make sure you are trained to know the basics. You never need to go to the notary for example with your clients but equally you do need to know what the notary does. 

Lets send a message to your friends and contacts on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Let your friends know that if they want to buy a house, they should contact you. Nicola in our Pilar de La Horadada office will deal with their questions, queries and she’ll do most of the heavy lifting with them. You may need to play golf or take them for lunch!! 

Really, this is often all you need to do- this area sells itself and if your friends trust you, they trust us and we’ll help them to find that perfect home. I know it does not sound like work but…. Your friends and family get the best deal on the market and you get a commission for doing the work. Simple right. 

That is the easy sale- the low hanging fruit and you cannot rely on it forever. 

little side story:

Funny story: Back in 2016 a client of ours was proving extra difficult. Nothing suited him. He said that we were charging too much for notary fees, ( we don’t set these fees BTW). Bob claimed our salesman was not putting him up in a fancy enough hotel.

Next he wanted a better “free” lunch like what the competitors were offering etc.

In the end he bought a bank repossession from a competitor. Bad idea. He ended up with a debt of 13,000 euro. This happened by taking shortcuts and not using our recommended law office in La Zenia. Two months later he was back. Bob agreed that the other agent lied and he in fact paid too much for his Spanish property. The thing was, he wanted to move to Spain to become a Spanish estate agent. He wanted to work for us!! How could we trust him and who would believe him, considering he didn’t buy from us? Well, anyway, he didn’t last long in the estate agency business in Spain. Our advice is if you want to make it in the industry, first buy your Spanish home from us. that way you find out how the process works, honestly, legally and fairly. It’s the only way. 


A couple of ideas to generate new clients.

1. Blogging

Spain is great, let’s establish that. One of the best lead generation opportunities is blogging. Blogging is popular because there are so many potential sources of interesting posts that people will follow. 

Play golf? Write a report on Roda Golf or La Manga golf courses. Like the beach? write a comparison of La Zenia versus Cabo Roig. Like sailing, shopping, history, art, you get the idea… 

You could make money from your Spanish blog by affiliate marketing, property ads, information products like “how to pay your tax in Spain” for example, influencer marketing, sponsorships. Villamartin golf will pay you for sending clients to them. The best part is this; if you are considered fair and honest, people will ask you how they too can save money buying property in Spain. All you have to do is tell them the truth and send the details over to us. 

Paul our Tech man will help you to promote the blog via search engine optimization (SEO)/ social media to gain new website visitors. Simple. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Maybe you just want to direct traffic to our website and not do any of the contact with the clients? You can become an estate agent in Spain of sorts, or an affiliate for SpanishHomes.online. An affiliate marketer earns a commission of every sale he or she brings in to a brand. Again, you must believe that we are the very best place to purchase your new home in Spain. That’s a given. Some brands in the affiliate sector like Amazon pay a small % of sales for every product an affiliate brings in. We do the same, except pur commission is higher. We earn a commission by saving our clients a lot of money. Both the buyer and us, will be happy to give you a cut of that money. 

4. Online Course Creation

Let’s say you are coming to Spain to buy a property- why not record it and charge clients to learn at the same time as you? Online learning is a growing sector and one of the most significant business opportunities in Spain for the property sector.  More people, before they hop on a flight for their inspection trip to Spain are taking to the internet to learn online. Again back to the idea that you are buying a property anyway, let us create a “reality TV” show about your experiences. Everyone who comes to us to watch the show pays you a fee plus we’ll pay you a commission for every buyer who gets inspired by your story. Everyone wins. 

4. Tutoring Business

Maybe you don’t want to have to do any selling, whatsoever. Business opportunities are common in the education space and people need to be educated on how to save money on buying a home in spain- why not help them, without actually selling to them? 

So many people want to learn, we can teach you to teach them. If your goal is to create a job for yourself, you can be the tutor- tell clients the nest area, the best golf course, top law office on the Costa Blanca, the best Spanish property agency (yes, that is still SpanishHomes.online!!). 

You’ll simply need to find customers who want to know what you know.

5. Influencer Services 

People buy people. One of the most modern business opportunities in 2020 involves influencer marketing. Do you already have a massive social media following in your tennis coaching business, your instagram page, or your youtube channel? Now, you can partner with our businesses to promote our products (in this case the very best Spanish property) to your audience. As your audience scales, more business opportunities will come your way. All the time you are safe in the knowledge that you are giving the clients who follow you the very best advice available- They should buy from SpanishHomes.online, just like you did. 



There are many ways to earn money in the Spanish estate agency business, if you tell people the truth. We feel the best way to do this is to use our company. 

If you do this or have bought from us in the past, please give us the opportunity to help you to set up your Spanish real estate agency business as an affiliate for the biggest, small estate agents in Spain!! 


Get in touch with us to share your ideas and book that inspection trip. Start making your Spanish home dream come true today!

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