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Can I save 13,750 on my property in Spain? 

Can I save 13,750 on my property in Spain? 

Can I really save 13,750 Euro on my property purchase in Spain? 


You know you can, if you use your head and purchase with a different kind of estate agent, like SHO. (you probably know us as Spanish homes.Online)


Our client and long time friend of the company Fred Erickstrom, (no, he is not Scandinavian actually!!) bought an apartment from us last week and saved 13,750 euro. 

Here is how:


Firstly, Fred bought through a large multinational company in La Zenia back in 2009. Ten years later it was time for an upgrade. 

We said we’d help Fred if he trusted us. 

We firstly helped him to sell his apartment. As it turned out, we listed it and shared it with our overseas agents. The deal was this, if SHO sold it, without an agent, we’d do it commission free. As it turned out, an agent in the UK sold it and had to be paid 50% of the normal commission. Of course, that is only fair so Fre paid. 

We then did another deal with Fred. Clearly he is not an estate agent and we never think buying direct from a builder without any protection is a good idea. 

With the money Fred had saved by selling with SHO plus the mortgage he has in place, he had 300,000 euro to spend. All we had to do was find him a stunning apartment (low maintenance, views ideally of a golf course and no stairs so ground floor only) plus honour our arrangement of saving him even more money. 


Well, we found the apartment. A new build property in Colinas De La Zenia, a stunning golf resort just 45 minutes south of Alicante airport, views to the west included. 


The commission to us was an incredible 27,500 euro. Not bad for a few hours work you might think? The real work was done in building a relationship with the builders in Las Colinas over ten years. Many clients do not realise how high commissions are here though- In SHO we are happy to be totally transparent with our clients. 


Fred suggested that if we split the commission, he’d pay us 13,750  (if we covered his legal costs as well. Another saving for him BTW)


Bottom line, the deal took three weeks from viewing to handing over of the keys and Fred pocket 13,750 in saved commissions. He also saved 1,500 in legal fees. 

Buying property is simple. Saving money in Spain is not easy, unless you are speaking to us first! 

Just ask Fred. 


PS- if you are buying a property in Las Colinas golf resort and you happen to meet a new owner called Fred in the club house bar, for your own sake, don’t tell him what you paid. Unless you know this property buying hack, you paid more than he did!! 


Want to know how to save 13,750 euro on your property in spain? 

This is the place to start. 

Contact Andrea today! 



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