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Spain, one of the worlds best countries to move to! 

Spain, one of the worlds best countries to move to! 

Spain is probably the best country in Europe to move to, and that is official. 


Spanish Homes online are seeing more and more clients not just looking to buy a property in Spain for an investment opportunity or for a second home. (albeit a holiday home in the sun!!) 

Spain is no longer a country that you come to visit once per summer for two weeks and forget about until next year ́s summer holiday time! 


In a recent survey by banking giant HSBC, Spain is one of the best places in the world for Expats to buy a property and relocate the whole family! 


Details on the extensive survey are found here: 




Spain’s overall total of 4th world wide, behind Singapore, Canada and Switzerland is the best position for the Iberian peninsula since the survey began in 2007. 

Last year, Spain ranked 13th but it’s becoming more and more popular every year. 

Factors driving people out of the crazy life in Amsterdam, Aarhus or Dublin include:

  • The weather
  • The rat race.
  • Pollution
  • Frustration with politics
  • Cost of living.
  • Lack of sense of fulfillment. 


Switzerland gets the nod as Europe’s top place to relocate. It is ahead of Spain for a specific reason. Expats earn more money there! 

The negative, is the cost of living in Switzerland. That’s a balancing act people need to work out for themselves. 

Spain is in the top three worldwide best countries in which to live in the following areas: 


  • Quality of life in Spain.
  • Wellbeing, mental and Physical
  • Welcoming communities
  • Ease of moving to Spain. Yes, companies like Spanish Homes Online help. 

All of these should be enough to persuade you that it’s time to escape the rat race. Think about it hough, Spain is amongst the top three countries on the work for your Physical and mental wellbeing!! 


We, in Spain, also hit the top three worldwide on the Work/life balance scale. 

I mention this as to me it’s the most important reason to live on the Costa Blanca (where we are currently living). You want to work for sure, but you want to live, stay healthy, walk on the beach, golf and play with the kids on the sand! 


For the children, moving to Spain makes sense too. The sports facilities, schools for kids, the beach are all great, naturally. 

Again Spain hits the top three numbers for learning and making friends. Do the kids need a lot more? (especially if the parents are taking advantage of the life/work balance we spoke of before!) 


Are you wondering how, according to HSBC the UK ranked? 

Economic stability and political stability both see Britain land outside the top 30 out of 33 countries worldwide. 

Income; it ranked 8th worldwide but disposable income 18th- That means you can earn loads of money in the U.K., but after expenses and tax, have very little left over. What’s the point? 

The U.K. scores 18th place in terms of schooling for the kids- 18th! 

buy a home in Spain, with a pool!


Physical & mental wellbeing, one of the best things about moving to Spain, Britain comes in at 29th place. 


Did you know the weather in Spain is one of the biggest attractions to living in Spain? What else brings 1 million expats to Spain?

  • The cost of buying a property here is important. 
  • The cost of living compared to cities like London, Oslo, Copenhagen etc.
  • 60% of HSBC ́s respondents said they feel more protected in Spain than in their home country. 
  • In terms of quality of life, Ireland is 23rd , in disposable income, its 25th! 
  • Sweden comes in at 31srt in both Reaching potential and making friends. How odd is this? The Swedish people we meet in Spain are amongst the friendliest we know- Does the sun turn the serious Swedes into relaxed, stress free fun individuals? It appears so. 
  • Poland is near the bottom of the list for having open and welcoming communities. Why then are the Polish people (of which there are tens of thousands in Spain) so friendly and fun? 
  • Maybe moving to Spàin changes people or maybe it helps them to express who they really are and enjoy the life they know they want. 



Be warned though if you are thinking of moving to Spain just for a year! 62% of those who did so, stayed longer! Once you experience Spain, you may never go home. (I should know, 20 years later, I still didn’t!) 


If we can help you with your move to Spain and especially if we can help you to buy a good value villa or apartment in the sun, we’d love to help!

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