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How does Rent to Buy property in Spain work?

How does Rent to Buy property in Spain work?


A great way to buy Spanish property.


So, lets say you are thinking of making the move to Spain and you are looking to buy a property here.

However, for any one of a number of reasons you can’t come up with all the money now. You have few options.


  1. Wait until you have a bigger amount to invest. The problem is that by the time you have the money, the house you love will be gone and/or the prices risen.
  2. Get a mortgage in Spain. Its not always easy, unless you have a good track record.
  3. Rent to buy Spanish property option.

Let’s look at option number three- Renting before you buy your property in Spain.


We had clients do this successful their year and here is how it works:


The property costs 150,000 euro, you view it and love it.

On your behalf our lawyers make an offer to the owner something like this;

10% deposit down now, (15,000 euro) plus an additional 1,000 per month rent which will be deducted from the price in two years.

Completion is in 24 months.


Benefits to the buyer on Rent-To-Buy options on Spanish property.

  • If you need time to gather the total price up, you get to try before you buy and start enjoying Spain before committing all your cash.
  • While you are living there, you can make changes to the property, once we get the owner’s permission in writing. As your money is not all tied up, you can add decking, do the garden or build a pool.
  • The deal is legal and can be completed by our lawyers in a matter of days.
  • You invariably have a happy seller too. Happy sellers leave you loads of extras like furniture, TV´s, bedding etc etc. They know you are committed to the tune of 15,000 euro so they will leave as much as they can for you to enjoy.
  • If the property value increases, you still only pay the price of the original deal.
  • You will, depending on the contract, be allowed to rent the property while you are not in it.
  • All your payments are protected, and each 1,000 monthly payment will come off the final price.
  • Let’s say after 24 months you are still a little short for the purchase price- we can negotiate an extension of say 6 months with the sellers.
  • The Spanish banks love it; they can see that you are capable of making 24 monthly payments so therefore they are more likely to loan to you in the future.
  • You will be allowed to get your name on the Padron and therefore you and your family will be treated as any other expat owning a property in Spain. Take advantage of Spanish medical, schools etc. immediately.
  • SpanishHomes.online can still save you thousands on your Spanish property purchase, even with a Rent to buy.
  • Start enjoying Spain right now!



If you wish to talk to us about rent to buy property in Spain, please get in touch with Carolyn:




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