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We saved a client 140,800 buying property in Spain!

We saved a client 140,800 buying property in Spain!

A client of Spanishhomes saved 140,800 when buying property in Spain!

We may not save you that much… but we can try!
The following true story goes way back, pre World wide credit crisis, but the idea remains strong.

We will save people looking to buy property in Spain money, time and stress.
Anyway, onto the story!

The concept of a buying assistant in Spain is a not a new idea.

The Scandinavians are quite family with it. Although we have just thought of the name itself, we´ve been doing it for many years. It was not my idea, but was a client who present it to me back in 2005.

The clients, who I cant mention here unfortunately had money to invest in Spain and as they knew a family member of mine, they trusted me and the people in Spanish Homes.online.
They looked at various new builds and resale opportunities around the Alicante/ Murcia areas. La Finca Golf resort was just gaining traction, Ramblas Golf was doing well as were many developments around La Zenia, both commercial and residential that caught their eye.
These were big players and made it clear from the get-go that if they found the right property in Spain, they could spend 3,000,000 euro. This caught my attention. Its what i learned form the process rather than the commission which over the years helped me most.

On the first day, I took them to see La Torre Golf Resort, one of Polaris world´s best resorts on the way to Murcia. It was still under construction but the two guys loved it and told me that they were going to show me how to structure the deal. One of them was/is an accountant, the other a developer. I really thought there was no way they could teach me anything about buying or selling property in Spain but i listened anyway.

First of all, they picked 14 detached villas all in a row overlooking the golf course. As it turned out, they actually bought much more property for us later that year, (2005) but this was their initial investment and came to 2,940,000 euro. Needless to say, as a fairly new estate agent this was a going to be a good sale for me. The commission the builder was offering my company was 205,800 euro. Imagine! I don´t want to sound like a Turkey voting for Christmas but back then, the commissions we were paid were genuinely too big. That is why we started the cash back scheme. Again, that is another story and hundreds of our buyers benefited from it.

Back to the story.

My investors asked what the commission was and I told them. What was the point in trying to pull the wool over their eyes. I knew they would find out sometime for sure and never trust me again.
Next they asked would I be happy to earn 65,000 euro. Would I be happy?? I was thrilled!!
We then went back to the builders office with a revised proposal. Polaris would pay my company 65,000 euro and reduce the price to my investors by 140,800 euro. Simple win/win/win.
Incredibly the builder/developer refused, insisting that they did not need to give discounts to clients. (imagine the deal they would get if we had a client like that now). I guess its why Spanish builders needs agents like Spanishhomes.online so badly- they really are not good at selling.
OK, it was a set back but next stop was our accountant in Spanish Solutions (legal and tax firm in La Zenia). They talked to Fidel the accountant who found a way to ensure I received the 205,800 euro commission in full. Or course I promised to returned their share (140,800 euro)  to my clients the same day I received it.
We signed the simplest of contracts, as they said “In case I was hit by a bus” before they received their discount. That afternoon we went back to the builder and the deal was done.
Spanish Solutions did the notary deals for them for free as part of the agreement. The lawyer in fact established a Spanish company (S.L) to buy the properties. Our after sales team helped to furnish the properties and they passed the clients to a rental company we had help set up earlier that year. The property portfolio survived the crash and are now almost mortgage free. Polaris World is back up and running (well, under a new name ) and all is well for one of our big investors.

For me the big take away was not how much money we could earn being a “buying assistant” but rather how much money we were going to save our buyers!!

Now in 2019, we are back assisting buyers to save even more than before.
If you are buying a new development in Spain, there is no better way that we know of to do it than by using SpanishHomes.online as your buying assistant in Spain.
We hope we can save you 140,800 euro too!!

How would it work if I was buying a house for 120, 000 in Spain?

OK, I´m adding this part to the post.
Lets say you see the dream new development house advertised at 120k. Check with all the agents in the area and see what deal you can get. Check the property on the builders website, Kyero, Zoopla etc. Now, you know what you should have to pay. Next, resist the temptation to jump in with two feet. Get in touch with SpanishHomes.online and see what we can do. It´ll take 2 minutes to email Carolyn hello@spanishhomes.online.  and two minutes to decide there is no better deal on the Spanish property market than the one we offer you!
Try us out!

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