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How to choose an Estate agent in Spain.

How to choose an Estate agent in Spain.

Nine tips to help you find the best possible estate agent in Spain for your needs.

  • Traditional Bricks and mortar agent or online agent?

You first choice to make when choosing an estate agent in Spain is the type of agency to use.

Traditional full-service estate agencies have an office on the high street (with high rent) that you can visit. Hopefully, if they are good, they can take care of every stage of the process, but this is not always the case.

Online agencies like Spanishhomes.online generally don’t have expensive offices you can visit but often take advantage of their collaborator’s offices. We accept deposits and sign contracts in our lawyer’s office in Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella for example.


  • make a shortlist of Spanish estate agents.

Create a list of about 4-5 agents you would consider using. Ideally, SpanishHomes.Online is firmly on your list! Ask friends, family and people who you know have bought in Spain if they can recommend some. Careful though- People sometimes recommend an agent in Spain because they are getting a kick back. Be especially careful on those online forums.

Does you agent offer savings like FREE furniture ? You must ask!
  • Narrow down the choice of agent – can they really deliver what they promise?

Now is the time find out more about the agents on your list. Look at their website- what do they promise? They can save you money- Ok, ask them how.

If they offer discounts on currency or bank fees, actually get that in writing.

Do they speak your language? Email them in Swedish, Polish or Danish, see do they respond. (In Spanishhomes.online we have collaborators from all over the world!)

Do they really have a lawyer? Is he independent or just representing the agent? Find out who she is and speak to her! Your lawyer in Spain is key to a happy purchase in Spain- don’t rush over this part.

Will you need to de-stress while buying a property in Spain? Not with us!!
  • are the estate agents for you – go and see them. (or get them to come to you!)

It’s tempting to just pick any old agent, especially if they have ticked some of the boxes already mentioned here.  Why not E-mail or call these agents and see who responds? Will they come to meet you?

Do they offer an inspection trip?

Is it an off the shelf trip or any they listening to your needs?

Do they know what they are talking about?

  • Help your new agent to help you to find the dream home in Spain.

A good Spanish estate agent will want to have an excellent understanding of your circumstances and your needs. Talk to us, we are on your side. Maybe you must buy by a certain date because you want to have your wedding anniversary in your new home in Spain? There is no point is showing you houses with a long closing date.

For your sake (and your sanity) just be honest about your circumstances with your agent.  Every single buyer we deal with has particular requirements. We understand this and a good agent will tailor their services to deal with them.

What is your budget?

What are your needs- a pool, detached, just a small studio- Tell us!

Golf property in Spain- always a good rental return.
  • Assess the agent – ask them lots of questions

By this stage, you’ll already have some idea of how these agents work, and what they can do for you.

It’s not too late to switch agent though- you need to be sure they are experts, and we mean absolute EXPERTS at what they do.

Ask them questions:

Can you sell me a property in Madrid, Malaga or Murcia?

How many deals have you closed?

What are the community fees in this particular home?

What is my non-resident tax going to be?

How does residency in Spain work?

Can I get a will and what inheritance tax will my children pay after my day?

Who will show me houses when I come on my inspection trip?

How often will my agent keep in touch to let you know how things are going?

Can you agent sell resale property in Spain?
  • The estate agent’s fees and costs– what you can expect to pay?

The agent will often charge a fee to sell you a property. Fees are usually a percentage of the selling price. At SpanishHomes.Online we charge you nothing on top- We are paid by the banks in the case of repossessions, the builders, developers and private sellers in all other cases.

We give you a breakdown of all your fees too- notary costs, legal etc so that you know exactly, and you have in writing a break down of the real cost of your home in Spain.

Any good agent in Spain will explain all this in detail and there should be no hidden costs, ever!

  • Choosing the agent – it’s time to decide

You’ve now hopefully met the agents in person or online, had their opinions about price, locations, experience etc and found out what they will do for you.  We understand that that “people buy people” and you’ll almost certainly like some individuals better than others. We hope you like us!!!

You can “try” a few different agents, but it seldom works out- our advice is to pick one and trust them. You’ll generally pay a lower fee and, because the agent knows they have a reasonable chance of selling you a property, they will concentrate their efforts on you. You are in a great negotiating position.

Do the big Spanish builders allow your agent to market their property? If not, look out!
  • You and your Spanish agent – working as a team

Now that you have chosen which agent to work with in Spain, call them up and give them the good news! They should be thrilled. They will then start the process of setting up your inspection trip, speaking to builders on your behalf etc.

Think of you and your Spanish estate agent as being on the same team. You are working in partnership and you both want you to find that dream property in Spain! You’ll be more likely to succeed in doing exactly that if you work closely together!


Here at Spanishhomes.online we want to be your agent of choice.

If you have done your homework on us and you are ready to proceed- please get in touch, we can wait to meet you.


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