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You can save 10,000 on your property purchase in Spain.

You can save 10,000 on your property purchase in Spain.

11 Ways to save 10,000 euro on your property purchase in Spain.


We tell our property buyers all the time that the best way to save money is by buying through SpanishHomes.online.

How does saving 10,000 Euro work?


OK, there are ways to earn a commission, if you refer a friend, or get involved in our affiliate programme. You can easily earn a living by recommending people to buy their Spanish property form us, once you are satisfied with our service.

Lets, say however that you want to save 10,000 on a new build property in Denia, how can it work?


As a registered Spanish Estate agent, we sign agreements with the top developers and builders in Spain. This agreement explains clearly what price we can offer houses at. Fair is fair and we understand why we are not allowed to advertise a different price and simply give our client 10,000 euro refund on a typical deal.

We have advantages however that other companies cannot compete with and we use our contacts to help our property buyers. The house our clients gets is the same no matter who you buy form. If you choose to buy form us, you get a better level of care, you have some of the top professionals in real estate in Spain at your disposal and we throw in a combination of some of these offers below and more:

  • We can get legal companies to do the property transfer for free, including NIE numbers, POWER of attorney, perhaps signing the deal in the buyers own country, processing of non resident tax etc. Saved on average for our client 2,000 euro.
  • We work with Audi leasing. Are you interested in driving around in a new Audi a4 for two years? Its on us, saved 15,600 euro
  • We do a lot of business with Milar, the electric company. Buy from us and we´ll give you a voucher for a new sound system and TV. Saved 1,500 euro.
  • Our property rental and property management contacts will work with you for free for two years. Saved 500 euro.
  • 15-year membership of La Manga golf and Spa. 12,750 euro.
  • Family membership Villamartin Golf club 800 euro.
  • Two tickets to Real Madrid V Barcelona, La Liga, hospitality, tour and visit to the museum. 3,200 euro
  • Fishing charter in Denia, three days. 1,800 euro
  • New hot tub 6,700 euro.
  • Free airport transfers to and form the new home for two years, 1,200 euro.
  • Free furniture, white goods, upgrades to the house, TVs, tours and trips and much more.

These are just some of the ways our clients benefited from dealing with us over the years. It make sense- the discounts are there, all you need to do is contact us and start taking advantage of our generosity right now!

It feels good to know that you got the best deal of any of your neighbours!


Buy your home in Spain from us and save thousands.



PS- An email we received: (slightly edited)



 Wednesday, November 22, 2017 3:51 PM


To hello@spanishhomes.online

Hello Nicola,

I´m interested in buying a property in Alicante, maybe as far north as Denia by mid 2018. In fact we are booked to play golf in June of next year there. 

You spoke to Olivia my wife and offered her a discount of 10,000 euro in the form of discounts, free furniture etc. 

Question: How do i know you are not just adding the 10,000 to the cost of the property before giving it back to us in discounts? 

Hope you dont mind me asking- its a big commitment for us. We were refered to you by G%%%, he bought from you two years back,




Paul %%%%





  • Paul<pau$%&/@ymail.com

Size: 2.0 KB

Hello Paul,,

I remember meeting Olivia and yes she is correct. We will give you 10,000 euro if you choose to purchase your new build through us.

I understand perfectly your concerns- if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I am happy to meet you in person when you come to Spain, then we will go to the various show-houses together. The builders published price list is available in every show house. It would be against our values and maybe even illegal for us to mess with it, and we are not that sort of company.

We operate on volume and considering the amount we sell, we are happy to offer discounts such as the ones I mentioned to your wife.

The house you liked in %%% is also listed by the developer on Kyero.com- here is the link *****. Here as you can see the price is 189,500 euro plus VAT. If you buy from us, we absolutely guarantee you that the cost will be 10,000 less than if you deal directly with the builder.

Can we concrete your inspection trip dates? Are you free for a call one morning?

Yours truly,



PPS: Paul bought from us and moved into his new build property (one almost idential to the one we originally found for him in November 2018!)


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