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Who exactly are Spanish Homes?



What exactly is it and why should you buy your Spanish property from us?


People are asking us, what exactly is SpanishHomes.online and is it really any different from the other estate agents in Spain?

Collaborators, Developers and people looking to buy their dream house in Spain are wondering, who, what, where, why and how?


In this short post, I hope to clear some of this up.

New estate agents in Spain come and go all the time. Spanish Homes are not that sort of agency- We are a coming together of Spanish property professionals, Tax consultants, Lawyers, business owners, (not just in the real estate sector) IT specialists and regular Spanish estate agents who have got together to form a dream team.

This dream team will reinvent many aspects of how people buy and sell Spanish property.

Lets give some examples of how are can help people:

Affiliates. We know people, good honest people with trusted client lists who would love the idea of selling property in Spain. Maybe these people are accountants in Oslo or Radio DJs in Brussels. What a discovery for them SpanishHomes.online is. We will design for them affiliate links and banners that they can put on their own social media sites, blogs, websites etc.

Once a client clicks through or better still gets in touch directly with our agent/affiliate, the client is registered with them. If and when (hopefully) the client buys a property in Spain the affiliate gets a reward or commission. The range of benefits the client gets are huge, we´ll discuss that next, but first and foremost, the affiliate wins. Their client gets the deal and is fully aware that our friend, the agent is getting a little reward. The affiliate gets all the praise when the buyers realises exactly how good the deal they got is. They can come here and pay golf or go for dinner with the client for a day or two if they wish and they know that there is no better deal on the market than the one they just passed onto their friends.


The Buyer. Buyers get the best deal on the Spanish market right now if they choose to buy their property form Spanish Homes. We are an online, cloud-based business. Do you realise how much money we can save by not having to pay rent in a high street office, community fees, local property tax, electricity and light, a fleet of sign written cars, receptionist and more? Tens of thousand of euro will be saved and we, no questions asked, pass that saving to our clients.

Are you thinking of buying a new build property on the Costa Blanca? Buy form us and you´ll save 10,000 euro. That is a big statement and one we can back up. We don’t want to upset our developer friends by selling their property cheaper than they can, so we have reached agreements with them. If you buy form us, you choose how you want to receive your savings. We had a clients last month (Colin B.) who chose free Airport transfers for him and his family from Alicante or Murcia airport to his new house in Dolores for two years.

He wanted and received free white goods from the builder- Samsung Fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, and a smart alarm system. Colin was presented with a 60-inch flat screen TV too, which he can view from his free leather sofa.  Next, he also got free NIE numbers for himself and his wife, free conveyancing, free Wills, free power of attorney and of course free consultation with our Spanish accountant. We did his completion in the Spanish Embassy in London, so he didn’t even need to come to Spain to sign- What a deal!

We are now discussing how quickly he can become an agent for SpanishHomes.Online here on the Costa Blanca- We think he can earn 20,000 euro per year by helping his golf playing friends to save tens of thousands of euro when buying a second home in Spain! Happy clients send more clients to us.



Spanish builders and collaborating agents love us for a few reasons. We bring them serious buyers and we know how to help the buyer to get over any fear them may have of the Spanish property market- Its understandable that clients worry. The team know the business inside out so they are confident in buying from us and if we trust a particular Spanish builder, by association, the buyer trusts them.

We have a lawyer, accountant, tax expert and more on hand to help them to buy that dream home in Spain.

The builder is not wasting time explaining the process to their buyers – Its already done for them.

We only deal with developers who sell new build, off plan property we can stand over. If we know it’s the right house for the buyer, we are capable of asking them for the deposit and getting the deal across the line. We are professional sellers, we know how to close a deal and ensure that neither developer nor buyer miss out on the perfect match.

Because we´ve done this thousands of times, literally, we know ho not to waste the developers time. We understand how to invoice them, how to get contracts signed, how the conveyancing/notary process works. We do a lot of their work for them- why not… that’s the promise we give our buyers, we will be there every stage of the way, so everyone benefits from our higher level of service.



So, to sum up, we are a new amalgamation of marketeers, real estate agents and fiscal professionals in Spain who are offering both stunning deals and a higher level of service, perhaps the highest that clients have ever seen in the market to our collaborators and agents.

We are creating happy Spanish property owners, successful Spanish property agents, affiliates and new friends.


Are you ready to find out more?

Get in touch with us if there is any question you´d like answered.

If you have clients, we´ll help you to convert them into satisfied buyers.

If you are ready to buy, like Colin from London, we´ll try to save you 10,000 euro.

The only way you cab be sure that all of this is true is to email us right now and start living your dream in Spain.

SpanishHomes.online. Different. Better.

Quesada, Alicante.

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