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December 2018


Do you think your clients want to wake up to this view?



Dear Marketing expert/social media pro or blogger,


We are a long established (especially by Spanish Real Estate standards) Spanish property company based in Spain.

Our USP is that we are web based and thus save hundreds of thousands every year by not paying rent on high street offices. These savings we pass to our happy buyers, mostly expats.

We have a great location, team, system, reputation. Everything is perfect in fact, except our message is not reaching clients in certain markets who are still paying too much for their property in Spain.

We need a strategy to get online clients in markets such as;

  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • China
  • Russia
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland


We dont want to reinvent the wheel in these countries and in these languages. (our clients are largely English/Spanish speaking) We wish to partner with an existing marketing company in exchange for a commission split.


In a dream case scenario, SpanishHomes.online is looking to establish a partnership with one or more Digital marketing experts in markets who can benefit form a trustworthy company like ours.

We have two separate areas we feel we need a professional to assist our company:


  1. Direct marketing to clients of properties, services etc. We have a large range of services which those interested in buying property in Spain will benefit from.


  1. Building a network of agents and affiliates all over Scandinavia, Belgium and France etc etc who will soon realise the benefit of having a partner in Spain like us. Even Britain and Ireland offer big opportunities for savvy marketeers who can work with our existing teams.



Our history in Online marketing.

Our experience since 1998 with online marketing has been mixed – it took us years to find the perfect formula which we now have to attract and retain clients who search for our services in English.

We´ve made mistakes over the years. We have employed outside marketing consultants for example, in the past- possibly as many as ten over the years. We have also had full time inhouse marketing and everything in between. We’ve paid thousands in google ads in Russia, attendee shows in Helsinki and Florida which did not reap rewards.

None of these endeavours worked or brought in the right sort of a return on our investment.

It appears locals want to deal with marketing people in their country in their language.

We have had engineers from India, Dublin, London and New York, but none of them really had “skin in the game”. They did not understand how much value we are giving to our clients and therefore didn’t get the message across.


The people who we dont want, thanks.

As salespeople who get paid on performance, we don’t understand this line we hear from consultants. “If you engage our services, we can earn you an additional 100,000 euro per month in revenue. Our fees are 2,000 per month”.

Me, “Ok great, we love your confidence. In order to ensure you stay motivated, we´d rather pay you 20% of the uplift- ten times your asking fee”.

Consultant, “no that’s ok thanks, we don’t work like that!” and the deal is dead before it even begins.


Our question to potential partners is, what is the worst that can happen?

It is well known that Scandinavians, Belgians and Russians, like us, love to save money. Our new partner/agent can earn serious money, to us, its crystal clear.

All deals we do are with tight legally binding contracts, everyone is protected.


Better still, SpanishHomes.online work in a very lucrative sector. There is a load of commission to go around. The fact we want to split commissions with our clients tells us this is an opportunity for us all to be heroes. You for getting a client to us, and our sales team for saving that clients thousands of euro.


We decided we need a new approach to find people abroad who wish to buy Spanish property, while saving time and money.


The partnership idea appeals to us as its quicker and much more effective that learning how to break into China or Saudi Arabia for example. (same goes for all European countries). If you have real skin in the game and only get paid if/when you help us to convert a lead, then we think that we will really get your attention. This is a career opportunity for all of us, you must believe in it like we do.

Our marking people can be based here in Spain or can work remotely.


Facebook ads.

Are you a Facebook pro? If you are a good fit, we are potential willing to pay the cost price of a marketing campaign in your country. For example, a campaign on Facebook in Belgium generating real leads. We pay the FB cost; You, the marketing company gives us their expertise to convert the leads to viewings in exchange for a % of our commission.

Our new partner will have full access to our CRM system and to our current lead manager Ruben. If the combined efforts of SpanishHomes.online and our new partner generated a lead not currently registered on our database, once we can convince the client that we are the right estate agent in Spain to deal with, we split the commission three ways- us, our client and you the partner who drove the deal.


It would be great if you or the company we team up with, has some knowledge of how Real Estate in Spain works. Real estae is different everywhere, even though the principals remain the same.  It is a big commitment for buyers and if they pick us, we all earn fantastic commissions and the praise and thanks of our clients. The thanks and warmth you get from the clients is so rewarding- you are helping people to save money, it is a good feeling.


Golfers love this view in Alicante!


Who you will earn a commission:

  1. Direct marketing to your existing friends and clients. We will give you all the relevant information concerning a particular property- photos, location, description etc. You decide where to invest the marketing spend. We jointly monitor the success, split test, change and modify the campaign accordingly. SpanishHomes.online can run special offers, “view this house this month and receive a discount of XYZ” or “get a free furniture pack (or cash back of 15,000 euro) if you buy this property though us”.

This offer is real value to the client. Next, we show them why they really should buy from us in order to get the best value possible, and this will ensure that everyone wins. Our deals will be better than the client can find anywhere else in Spain.

2. Helping others in your country to know about our affiliate programme. There is a massive market for people who know and love our service but do not know how to monetise it.

Imagine if you tell people who wish to get involved in Spanish property that we have an affiliate programme.  With this service, the affiliate can tell his followers/email contacts/Facebook friends/work colleagues about our service and quality. Suddenly the client, (his friends and relatives) have faith in us and are therefore less likely to get conned by a non trustworthy salesman. We get a client who already trusts us because they trust our mutual friend.  Suddenly, we have a win/win/win/win. We just need someone to set up and manage it in the markets we are not reaching- Is that you?

We have thoughts on people who are potential agents for us:

  • Existing estate agents, especially ones who have clients interested in Spain.
  • Social media types.
  • Bloggers.
  • Tennis/golf pros.
  • Techers with time on their hands.
  • Managers of sports teams.
  • Clients involved in other unrelated businesses- Expensive furniture stores in Copenhagen or the Lexus dealer in London- all potential affiliates and ambassadors for our brand if only we can make it simple for them. In fact, we want to do all the work for them and we are ALL reaping the rewards.



The types of service in Spain we can offer include:

  • Property sales and rentals in Spain.
  • Probate, wills, title deed issues etc.
  • Commercials- we can help clients to find the location for their new Cross Fit box, hairdresser or garage.
  • Legal work.
  • Property rental, long and short term.
  • Currency exchange- we can save your clients 1,000 euro on a typical transaction.
  • Insurance.



This is where we are just now. We are ready to take our already established and successful Spanish Property business to a higher level.


If you think there is something here worth discussing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, at SpanishHomes.online.

I´m Paul Cullen, I believe in this business and we want you to take advantage of the Spanish property boom in 2019!!



You can save your client 10,000 on this new property on the Costa Blanca.

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